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E3 2010 Now Over

Dick Splash

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Well I have to say I'm really pleased with the coverage GRFS received at the show. None of it's predecessors received as much [and that includes the ones before GRAW, Gabrielle! :whistle: ] and I get the impression Ubi see this as one of their strongest titles for next year, so we might see some money spent on its campaign ad's. The thing is, Ubi now have to keep up the momentum for the next ten months, and if GR fans suffer from acute memory loss like Ms Shrager, then it's going to be an uphill struggle, plus Q4 triple A titles from Activision and EA stand between it and its release. If it slips again, it could be an E3 2011 release.

I'm sure Ubi have worked hard for the show and there'll be feedback meetings and more news will trickle in from the gaming press over the next month.

From what we know, GRFS is going to be a multi-platform game that will be released next spring. Have I missed anything?


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Yep this was the strongest showing for a Ghost Recon title ever, at E3.

Taking a sampling of gamer community feedback, it can be summarised thus...

Stuart "did I mention it has 4 player campaign co-op?" White.

Kimi Interviews :nono:

Gabrielle :o Shrager

Justin "Joey" Drust.

GJ guys and gals!

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Ubi must be scratching their heads. :whistle:

Their biggest, most dev heavy E3 yest, and their flagship 2011 title, Future Soldier, barely gets a complimetary mention in the roundups and if it won any awards (apart from a yellow ribbon) I missed it.

Could they have expected any more?

What did they show...

Invisi Camo. Already done in other games. Nil point.

4 player campaign co-op. Bettered by early incarnations in the series (by 100%). Nil point.

6 v 6 Adversarial. Oh dear. Nil point.

Destructable cover. Sooo 2009. Nil point.

Was it just too early to bring FS to the table? Or is their seriously nothing innovative to catch the critics attention?

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Their biggest, most dev heavy E3 yest, and their flagship 2011 title, Future Soldier, barely gets a complimetary mention in the roundups and if it won any awards (apart from a yellow ribbon) I missed it.

I haven't even seen it mentioned in most of the post-show wrap up articles. But why would it? Gears of War 3 is a far more interesting game if you're into third person shooters and chest-high walls. It has some personality and story behind it, and it's the final installment in a multi-year trilogy. Halo and Killzone are far more interesting if you're into the sci-fi thing with power armor and cloaking devices. And now they're going to have jetpacks and more armor powerups and other cool sci-fi stuff that GR:FS won't. And if you're into modern military themed games, then you're looking at COD:Black Ops, Medal of Honor, and/or Bad Company 2: Vietnam since they're still grounded in reality.

Dear Ubisoft,

GR:FS is a game that doesn't know what it wants to be. It's a sci-fi run & gun shooter that you want people to believe is realistic and tactical. It's 3rd person but sometimes it's not if you're in cover and zoomed in, but not if you're only a little zoomed in, and sometimes you're playing a stealth game but it's not really about the stealth. MAKE UP YOUR MINDS!!!

If you want to make a sci-fi shooter, MAKE ONE. Drop the pretense of tactics and realism, because they're clearly not there anyway. Continuing to insist that this is real technology is getting you polite nodding from the media, followed by eyerolls and snickers once your backs are turned. Nobody over the age of 14 is buying that line. Why not just go all the way with it and make something that could actually compete with Halo or Killzone.

And if you're going to make the game story-driven, then for once please hire a professional writer and make the story interesting. Supersoldiers killing Russians has been done before once or twice. Let me guess, there's a rogue agent inside the team? We have to disobey orders or drop off the grid to get the job done? That sketchy looking guy over there that I'm working with is actually one of the bad guys? There's a doomsday device that's about to go off and WE'RE THE ONLY ONES WHO CAN STOP IT? I'm an elite professional soldier in one of the most elite units in the world, but THIS TIME IT'S PERSONAL!! How about hiring a writer who doesn't just rehash the last 7 seasons of 24. Even the producers of 24 got tired of rehashing their own story lines and finally called it a day.

If you want to make a stealth game, MAKE ONE. There are plenty of people on your payroll who worked on Splinter Cell who could show you how to do it properly. There hasn't been a good stealth game in years (and no, Conviction wasn't a stealth game).

If you want to make a good third person shooter, then DO IT. The chest-high rocks and boxes and cars and walls that made up practically every part of every demo that we've seen aren't exactly signs of inspired design. Be creative with it and try to actually surpass Gears of War instead of playing copycat and catch-up, and remember you're probably releasing this within a few weeks of Gears of War 3.

GR has always had a very strong mutliplayer component. If the rumor about 6v6 max online is true then you have some real soul-searching to do. Other games are getting bigger and better, supporting 9v9, 12v12, even (good lord) 128v128 matches ON CONSOLES along with bigger maps and great objective-focused gameplay to make those modes enjoyable. Even 8v8 is becoming a thing of the past and you're going backwards?

Just commit to something and do it well! This game is all over the place. It's trying to be too many things, and from all appearances it isn't doing any of them at a level that can be called more than "adequate". The press has seen it now, and their review is a resounding "meh". You have 9 months. If you ask me, it's time to cut your losses and start over like you did with Conviction.

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Stuart "did I mention it has 4 player campaign co-op?" White.

He actually said: 4 player campaign co-op for the first time.

graw1 and 2 both had campaign coop for 4 players, not sure why he blatently lied, live at E3?? Or am I missing something?

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