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Well, BT phoned me up a couple of weeks ago and asked me if I would upgrade to Infinity, their fibre optic broadband that they've been rolling out all year. Anyway, I had no reservations and for an extra £2.52 per month, I get the [up to] 40MB plus unlimited anytime phone calls. The broadband package I had was 'Option 3' and included a hub phone for VOIP, so basically I had two land lines. The equivalent package with Infinity is 'Option 2' however, it doesn't have a hub phone. The sales person on the phone and the engineer that came to the house both advised me that the hub phones don't work with the fibre optic. It might be an upgrade, but I've lost a handy second land line. The BT forums have mentioned this a few times by the looks of things.

The hub they sent, in advance of the engineer arriving, is almost identical to their broadband hub. It even has a phone light on it too. The engineer was kind enough to replace all of the existing house phone cable with new cable and with Infinity, I now have an extra piece of kit, a small white modem. Oddly enough, after he left I read my hub phone instructions and got it to work with the Infinity upgrade. That lasted three days and then the new modem failed. I've not managed to get the phone to work since the modem was replaced.


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