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GameTrailers "Stage Walkthrough" gameplay video

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I'm starting to go off her!

We go to pains to make sure everyone is familiar with the Ghost Recon Series, and she goes and calls Future Soldier the THIRD installation. wall.gif FOUR Gabrielle FOUR!

You know, in her first interview she said the first Ghost Recon was in 2004! It really is like Ubisoft is trying to re-write history and remove the original and the best from everyones memory. Of course, when the first and best Ghost Recon was released, it wasn't a Ubi product, maybe that's the distinction. rolleyes.gif


Lead writer Gabrielle Shrager gives Daniel Kayser and GameTrailers a glimpse of the future of war with Ghost Recon: Future Soldier at E3 2010.

E3 2010: Stage Walkthrough Part I HD

E3 2010: Stage Walkthrough Part I (standard view)

E3 2010: Stage Walkthrough Part II HD

E3 2010: Stage Walkthrough Part II (standard view)

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Maybe she means GR being the first, GR:AW series being the second and GR:FS is the third installation. unsure.gif

As for Ghost Recon being in 2004 there's no answer that I can think of. wall.gif

So GR2:Summit Strike was...?

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In the IGN video thread, she is definitely not referring to any GR prior to GRAW, because when asked how it compares to GRAW she says;

It's all about the Ghosts...and...everything that made them what they were in the first episode, the second opus...it's the third, but just better.


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