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If you were to play GR from scratch - which mods?

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I have been playing GRAW1, GRAW2, SWAT4, Ravenshield and GR+DS+IT (with the HX Dragon weapons mod, i believe its called) in LAN COOP with 3 mates once a week for many years. We have been through all the GR and addon campaigns a couple of times now and are ready for something new :)

If you were to reinstall and start playing GR all over again from scratch, which mods (weapons, skins) and LAN COOP Expansion pack/Campaign/Mission mods would you recommend for a great time?

Thanks for your input.


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I am a tad biased, but if you want to play focused coop and get away from the smorgasbord of weapons type mods, then I will strongly suggest you give the Alpha Squad Mod v2.6.2 a try. Download info is at http://alphasquad.info/home/forum/index.php?f=39&t=1990&rb_v=viewtopic -- AlphaMod-2.6.2.zip includes an exe installer, while AS262_SU11.zip has the mod unzipped. Both include v1.1 of the Standard Upgrade mod -- a great set of improvements to the basic weapon models. In addition to weapons, character models and a huge number of improvements/challenges designed to facilitate coop play, you will also find all of the Alpha Squad stealth recon tournament missions, and a bunch of other goodies.

Good luck and enjoy.

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Yep, Frostbite and P2 are essential mods you definitely shouldn't miss. Don't forget trying Year of the Monkey which takes the game back to the era of the Vietnam war. Then, of course, there are excellent recent additions like 9MS Mod, Blood Oil, and Red Storm Rising. Oh, and Armenia SCARed is a classic certainly worth a look, too.

There are just so many great mods available, I'd recommend getting Rocky's GR Mods on DVD containing almost a thousand mods for Ghost Recon. That collection is beautifully done and will give you virtually unlimited replayability.

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