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GameSpots Future Soldier Booth Tour


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Yeh I know I'm just being a jerk.

No need to explain yerself :D

Where have they been hiding her indeed?...she comes across great and looks good on camera, but then so does

:wub: too...oh! and you do too Kimi ;)

1:50 - It's all about the planification
That sounds like a Bushism, but then he'd also say "plani-fi". :lol:

3:08 - It's going to be on 360, PS3, PC of course...

I think this is the most I've seen a GR game covered at E3. I had the chance to go, but I opted for an earlier trip instead.


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Am I the only Ghost Recon Fan that finds Ubisoft's sexpolitation use of Women Spokes Models ala Developers, Writers, etc. a little, uh, creepy? They're all bright and very pretty; but anyone that hasn't suffered massive head trauma can memorize and even take it to the next level and make a capable PR presnetation for a paycheck. Do any Ghost Recon Fans honestly get a sense that anyone visible at Ubisoft has any investment in Ghost Recon beyond seeing it as a job? To me, at it's best, it just looks like somewhat convincing acting and use of pretty people (agian) to sell 'product'...

Thank Red Storm (circa 1998-2001), 15 million Fans, Mod Developers, and Rocky for: R6, Rogue Spear, Ghost Recon -- the mountain of work in these games, the Mods, and this site -- but Ubisoft on it's crash course of where ever it's headed I can do without...


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