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is there a mod to re-spawn during COOP play ?

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I have completed the GRAW coop campaign mode some years ago and found it actually tougher and more fun than GRAW2, but the amount of time spent on completing it was disastrous, as I got bored going over the same mission again and again and again, so would leave the game for months before coming back to it. Anyway, I am ready to dust it off and play it again, but was wondering if anybody ever got around to modding ti wherby if you die, you can respawn as yourself, not as the AI?

I know many will shout me down for this, but it is a reason why I still play GRAW2 more regularly than the original. I have searched the forums for this mod, so my apologies if this has been covered somewhere else.

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Not sure you can do this without converting the missions to cooperative mode, and added the AI teammates, lot of work. coop mode does not entertain the campaign stuff though in this game.

Currently going through them in SP myself with triple damage points, can take more hits. Increase speed for teammates only, follow command FTW.

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i dont want to open a new topic so i'll ask here.

is there any mode to transfer leadership automaticaly to another player when leader is killed? like in GRAW2.

im playing coop maps with my friends and when leader is killed he must go all over from the beginning while the others can spawn on leader. this ruins all the fun cos one of us cant play normally (must stay behind and wait for others to clean the area) :(

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