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ghost recon live action making of....


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ive got to say the 2 minute live action trailer was a little cheesy in some places knowing that people can get half the stuff the ghost team was wearing on ebay but the visual effects were way better than James Cameron's Avatar film.

the live action making of film shows that they use simple objects to create a master piece;

a 2D template for the (quite lifelike) drone a simple piece of what looked to be a rain cover for a car being used as 30k's (i think) cloak and. i just thought, "hold on a minute this looks better than Avatar any day, they havent used any of james cameron's fancy pantsy equipment, and they had to build nearly everything from scratch."

doesnt this just show that the simplest of things can have their benefits?

at one point i thought that the drone was actually built not CGI'd .

and i know it's not as simple as it looks but they are using, simple looking objects

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