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I need a program for monitoring system temperatures

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basically my fan likes to go all weird when playing a game, i added another fan, nothing worked apart from the game doesn't constantly close because my graphics card overheats( it didnt have a fan) and i was just wondering if there was a progam that estimated the temperature of my cpu

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I use Everest Ultimate (Paid version) which monitors most of the system temps including CPU (with temps for each core), GPU, Motherboard and HD.

If you have Vista there is a sidebar gadget that can be configured to show which temps you want but I'm not sure if this feature is available in the free version.

Download free version.

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No probs. What have you decided to go with?

realtemp is quite cool the temperature of the cpu and GPU have gone down drastically since new fans have been installed,

and everest gave me drive occupations and whatnot cpuid told me detailed information about the occupied slots so all of them are great in their own way so i use them all everest gives me false info about my GPU though cpu id didnt so all good thanks for the help anthony.

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