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Dr Who

The Adventure Games are a series of downloadable games available for free in the UK

Each game will be around 330MB to download. That will take around 10-20 minutes to download depending upon the speed of your internet connection. You'll need about 2GB of space to install the games which will run on Windows PC and Macs.

When you click the Download button, you can run a System Check to find out whether your PC is able to run the games. If that's all OK, then you can download the game ready to install on your PC.

If you're under 16, you should get your parent or guardian's permission to download and install the games. To begin, click the Download button above.

Episide 01: City of the Daleks

The TARDIS materializes in 1963 to find the human race crushed by the Daleks. The Doctor embarks on a quest to the Dalek planet to correct time and save the last survivor of Humanity - Amy Pond!

Aimed at the younger generation, There will be plenty of fact buttons to stumble across, giving info from various things.



Well it`s not quiet Sam Fisher, but I have had some fun playing the first episode. Stealth your way around dodging the daleks detection beams to complete puzzles. Search and pick up hidden cards for your collection.



Next Episode: Vincent and the Doctor

The Doctor and Amy learn more about the art of terror in this new adventure where they meet Vincent Van Gogh!

Saturday 5 June, 18:40

Play it now!

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