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Need help making a Female character

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i need a model made for GRAW and of course 3d studio has packed in on me so if any one could do this character it would be much appreciated.

Gender: female maybe if you can put some hair into it somewhere if hair can be done can you make it light brown it would be great.

hieght: same as the others maybe a little smaller.

name tag: Burke of course ;) (you don't have to do that, but it would be great if it was there). it's not Jennifer Burke btw its Alex Burke hence the brown hair not reddish blonde. based on one of my best buddies. we just call her lexi

the equipment can be the same as the rest she is a ghost after all.

i just need a girl in the team somewhere uhh oh use Kirkland as a template if you can he's the one being replaced or it could be Allen oh bloomin heck i forgot which one. it's the rifleman i know that much i keep getting those two mixed up.

anyhow if you can do it, great if you cant, i'll have to see if i can find a way around these "corrupt files"

if you do decide to do it,

email the files to

nibbles412@hotmail.com or do it which ever way you feel comfortable

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