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[new campaign] "Tactical Net"

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Tactical Net is a new campaign based on an old text file I found on the PC.

Set up as a campaign for SP, unlocks some of the original specialists. Fully tested also for Coop.

Mission 01 - Stronghold night

Good evening Gents. Here’s the situation.

Two downed pilots lost their way in enemy territory and have been taken hostage. SATCOM tracked the convoy until the weather got in the way. Intelligence says they are most likely being transported to a small fort north of their last know location and we expect them to arrive by nightfall.

Your objective is to set up a recon on the forces and remain unseen. The enemy has nothing to loose by killing the soldiers, since they were not supposed to be their anyway. Remain undetected from the main compound the whole way. You are to gather as much Intel and get out. We’ll decide a course of action assuming your successful extraction.

1: Confirm hostages

2: Remain undetected

3: Clear perimeter of patrols

4: Extract team

Mission 02 - Stronghold day

Good morning Gents. It’s good to see that sleep is secondary to mission. SATCOM has identified mobilized units moving north probably because they expect us to come guns a blazing, and they are right. We are sending you boys in weapons Green to get our men out. Use the information from your recon mission and strike fast. You’ve only got so much time and ammo so try to get our pilots out, before those reinforcements get there.

By the way, those pilots you are going to save are actually Delta’s. They were supposed to upload their flight details before they were captured. So when you get to them, try to recover the flight recorder, if possible.

1: Rescue hostages

2: Locate flight recorder

3: Demo trucks

4: Extract team

Mission 03 - WSV Rain

Good Job getting out of that fox hole. Looks like you boys impressed the suits in D.C. and you’ve been promoted to complete those Deltas’ mission. We’ll have the L.T. fill you in.

Good afternoon, it’s a shame we have to do it like this but we have to move fast on this one. We were on our way to execute a rogue General that had been plotting to assassinate government high ranking officials and retrieve a laptop that contained targets and contact personnel under his control. We believe that this laptop is located in his home in the mountains.

Eliminate the security center personnel, access the security database, and drop the alarm system.

The informant said that the General is home. The good news is that we were planning on killing two birds with one stone. The bad news is that we expect his family to be there, so confirm all your targets. The house is lightly guarded, but they will be alert. And that’s all I know.

Thank you L.T. Ensure you disable the alarm system, we know this sneaky ###### has an escape route down below.. Good luck men.

1: Disable alarm system

2: Examine laptop

3: Execute General

4: No Civilian casualties

Mission 04 - Pond Rain

Well it appears that the informant wasn’t as informed as she thought. Apparently the General caught on to what we were doing and he sent his Son-in-Law in his place. Thanks to the files we recovered, we will be able to cripple his operation. However the bad news is he knows we are here and he’ll be ready. There is a weapons cache set up in the facility and we’re sending you in to destroy it. SATCOM shows a small infantry team protecting the armory.

Get in and get out.

This is a crafty General with years of experience. Move with a deliberate pace.

1: Eliminate Major Pyle

2: Demo weapons cache

3: Clear camp

4: Extract team

Mission 05 - Polling Center

Scenario/Briefing: Good job getting out of that one. It appears that the General is a fair match. Turns out he must have had suspicions because; he’s captured the informant and her source. We equipped her with a tracking device so we know exactly where she is. We suspect she is being interrogated. Our first priority is to rescue her alive and get out. However, Washington considers her source a high priority. That translates to; try get him out. Once you get to the informant if she knows where the source is we will probably have to plan for that on the run.

She is located in the southern part of the city and there is not a large presence of troops on the streets. Be advised that once you make your presence known they will probably kill her.

1: Extract source

2: Extract informant

3: Destroy tanks

4: Extract team

Mission 06 - Wilderness

Thanks to you all. The central government now knows the location of the General’s central base. They have made plans to eliminate this thorn once and for all. But our priority is to capture him for questioning first. They feel it would be good for publicity and send a message to the rogue cells.

We feel that the Commanding officer of this mission is ill equipped and outmatched. So, we’ve convinced them that we would only like to be there to observe and assist if necessary. You are expected to follow the rules of engagement. However, we still can’t let the General escape.

The friendlies you’re helping out are not exactly la crème de la crème so don’t expect too much from them or their commanders. Contact the Commander for his plan of attack.

1: Contact commander

2: Destroy AA

3: Capture General

4: Secure nuke




Playing Coop, we had the same problem with White Skull Valley, that we have always had at a random time, even just using the original WSV mod. Some people cannot see any objectives, or the briefing, or zones on the map. I added the word security on the command map. If you have played this map, it will be obvious you need to get to the computers.




7-zip was used.

Please check the Read_Me_Info.txt file found inside the mod.

GR/DS/IT are needed.



Patch 1.1 available, check download location.

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Mission 1 complete, no issues, enjoyable mission! The opening of mission 2 is nice, I like the idea of being on the same map, and I like the enviro.


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Tac-Net: Patach 1.1

Few minor mission tweaks

Lot af random patrols added throughout

Silent sniper rifle added to basic Single Player snipers

Updates modcont to 1.1


Download patch 1.1 - 63kb



Place zip file inside Tactical Net main folder, right click and extract here. Yes to overwrite.


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