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GR won't open on new MacBook

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Hi guys,

got frustrating problem: when trying to open GR on MacBook, get the message "ghost recon needs OpenGL 1.2 or higher' - this is brand new MacBook, with newest OpenGL going, so why won't it work?


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Got it only a few weeks ago so is a 2010 model Macbook (not pro).

Think the card is NVidia Gforce 320; got the latest system update from Apple, which apparently adds opengl support but no joy.

Runs other (newer) games absolutely fine.

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Hmm ... Hardware wise, your Mac should be able to run GR.

So you have the Mac version of GR I assume. (Not trying to run GR in virtual Windows environment). Did you download the latest patch?

I have a Mac but don't have the Mac version of GR. There are a few others regulars on these forums who have played GR on a Mac so hopefully they will pop up to help out soon. (ApexMods? etc)

Also, try out this website


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Sounds like this might be Snow Leopard and Rosetta related.

All new Macs ship with Mac OS X 10.6 "Snow Leopard" installed, which does not contain the "Rosetta" engine by default. Rosetta enables old PPC applications to run on Intel hardware, so you'll need it to play Ghost Recon on modern Macs. Don't despair, though - Rosetta is included on the Mac OS X Install Disc that came with your Mac, but you'll have to install it yourself from the "Optional Installs" folder/package on the disk.

Hope that solves your problem.

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