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Thinking of buying GRAW2 (old GR player)

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Hi, I am an old school GR player. Didn't like some of the ways I saw GRAW (and of course the Rainbow6 series going) so I never went ahead and bought these games. Found myself moving more toward the Mil Sim side of things (POA2, CMSF, etc).

However, while waiting and waiting for a great new FPS (like GB was suppose to be)....I've found myself recently thinking of jumping back in with GRAW 2.

I am a Single Player / Player. I don't do Co-OP / mulitiplayer. I loved how GR allowed for easy "terrorist hunt" type games. I've believe this is not possible with GRAW 2 ? Correct?

A few questions for any that are willing to help me out.

1. Is there enough SP missions via mod / downloads?

2. Can one make SP missions on their own? Fairly easily?

Thanks for any and all info...

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You can't go wrong buying GRAW 2 now as it's pretty cheap. I'm also a single only player and was put off by how frustrating GRAW was to play but GRAW 2 is much improved and as close to GR as anything were ever to see from UBI again. :unsure: GRAW 2 does have a few maps where you can play something similar to GR's terrorist hunt. Mods for single player don't come anywhere close to the number made for GR but there's enough to keep you entertained for a few weeks. John TCO2 has a great campaign that I've played 2 or 3 X's and now I'm playing his lonewolf missions that are also a blast. :yes: Bogiegraphics also has put out some cool stuff that a single player can tear into. :thumbsup:

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I originally came from GR, but dont play it any more and play GRAW2 all the time, with occasional games in GRAW too.

You can play ALL the coop games as a single player if you want to (of which there are hundreds !). All you have to do is start the game in LAN server mode and off you go.....coop gaming single player style !!!

If you want real war immersion then its Flashpoint Dragon Rising or ARMA 2 that you should go for, but they are for real serious sim freaks....lol.

Myself......im sticking with GRAW 2, as we have lots of mapmakers for the game here and modders too.........you HAVE to check out the Brettzies weapons mod if you havent seen it already.

Only thing is, the newer games are more demanding on your graphics card, so check this before buying.

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I used to play GR, GRAW and GRAW2, and gave the series up when the new CODs series (MW, CodWaW, and MW2) came out. But because of how the PC players got treated by Activision with MW2, I decided to pick up GRAW2 again. And I must say, I really really like it. I play the coop terrorist hunt and I just can't believe how much maps are available for it. Some of the game play and gun simulation are excellent. For example, having to manually reload your weapons when you are dry is a nice touch. It makes you aware of your weapons.

I tend to stay away from the deathmatches, because I'm not very fast with the keyboard. I like the planning and slow pace of the coop hunt.

One thing that kind of bug me is the AI. The bad guys aren't really too smart, but most maps have a lot of them, so it keeps you on your toes. I think you will enjoy GRAW2.

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Instead of starting a new thread, I figured I'd just add to this one. Call me crazy but I just ordered GRAW 2 (for PC). I got it for under $9 shipped so the risk is small.

It would seem that the TREMENDOUS void that exists in gaming for tactical shooters may simply never be filled. I didn't get that far in GRAW - maybe the last map I played was a Mexican shanty area with a higher fortified area with fixed MGs in it. BTW, I hated that map - preferred the initial city map much better.

But I do have some, yes "some" fond memories of playing it. I'm thinking of loading GRAW again and if I ever finish, take on GRAW 2. I'm just talking the SP campaigns here. My main gaming buddy was a HUGE GR fan and we played a little GRAW co-op but he hated it. It was just too far from GR.

Out of desperation, trying to recapture some "good ol' times of co-op gaming", I actually played some Vegas 2 co-op. It's fun but its simply a cheap thrill with cheap being the key word there. Unfortunatly, my glory days of co-op gaming are all behind me (GR, Raven Shield, VietCong) with little change in sight. But I am involved with Arma and am getting ARMA:OA all installed so I may find some goodness there.

We'll see what happens when I crank up GRAW SP for the first time in a long time. It might work for me or it might completely turn me off - which tends to be the case when I crank an old game. If GRAW doesn't work for me, I will GRAW 2 a whirl. I'm sure they made some improvements.

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I'm hoping that GRAW 2 co-op lets you play with AI backup - but I'm not sure. I just heard that you don't in GRAW 1 co-op so I'm just gonna do the SP campaign and move on to GRAW 2.

I'm actually enjoying playing GRAW 1. I'm doing WAY better this time around because I'm:

- going much slower

- letting my AI mates take lead sometimes

- positioning my AI mates a lot

- but most of all I'm using the Drone and to some extent the satellite view

- taking the path of least resistance (when I know it)

I've quickly blown through the first 4 missions quite easily. Have drone, will travel. Whereas, the first time I tried GRAW years ago, I simply got pasted.

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I'm hoping that GRAW 2 co-op lets you play with AI backup - but I'm not sure

It is the same set up as GRAW1. But, there have been custom missions specially made for SP that can take AI along on. Check descriptions in the download section or probably best a post in the general modding section. Might get an answer there.

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