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EVE online

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I'll have to check them out. Indeed, like any good game/sim (IMHO), it's got massive content and a steep learning curve. It definitely takes time to become proficient. I've barely touched the PvP aspect of it (which is what makes it most interesting to most people).

If you're interested in trying it out again, let me know. We could meet and run a few missions together.

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Nice to see someone else here plays Eve, I've played Eve since retail in 2003 and have to agree that yes, it does have a steep learning curve. It has the most tactical pvp that I have experienced so far in a computer game though. Simply the number of options available to you as a pvp'er are immense. Couple that with a good FC and your all set to have some fun.

It's funny, the first thing that got me interested in Eve was a screen shot of one of the stations, I read the accompanying article and was surprised to find that CCP were actually saying their game would not be for everyone - there are no teenage console gamers in Eve. It's definitely a thinking persons game.

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