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Does GRFS have some MGS4 about it?

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Ok,so we have talked ideas and opinions over the forums with regard to GRFS and things that are to come with the release of the game,ie character rolling,what might it look like in FP and rolling into third view,[can i see the animation of my guy rolling if it was an FPS game],what would opti camo look like in the snow,the forest,and against solid objects.Can I climb ladders and stairs,or why cant we do this in Ghost recon?

Well Ive been checking out a game on PS3,Metal Gear Solid 4,and im surprised my guy can do this stuff in game already AND online!.I can cqc online too its crazy.So these features are already in a game thats going to be nearly 2 years old in the summer.I know its a different enginge,but I going to add a few clips to view if you want emphasizing a few similarities.

Ok this one is from MGS4 story,using opti camo on solid material.Ive also tried to have some close ups too of the resulting affect.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFdPQ5IjnhA [2.40mins]

This is a short clip using opti camo in the snow and using FPS reload animation.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGBp1iFRTSM [0.49mins]Online

[This is one of my online guys,my GRFS attempt lol.I need upgrades]

*You can upgrade your guy with something like a PEC system similar to Vegas6,which allows you to buy upgrades.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJur61qYDb4 [2.09mins] Story

This is MG online,[i just ran around by myself to make the clip-but online is pretty good]Some FP shooting and reload animation included,he moves slower in FP.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47x41stAzeE [4.00mins]

Character creation screen vid 1&2.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqgcwA82G34 [2.40 mins]

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cgxl_m2Kf2M [2.07 mins]

But from playing this MGS,its like a GRFS beta preview and what might come with the release.There just ideas,but they seem very similar.

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Good eye, fifajay! I like the comparisons. Pure speculation but ubi has been waiting a LOOOONG while to release this GR version and I believe they've been watching their competition... and watching them closely. I, personally think, that the optical cam suite will be more invisible but I like this one it's a bledning suit and not a total inviz suit. Unfortunately, kimi & ubi are not releasine more in-game info, so we've NO idea if "upgrades" will be possible. I sure hope they are! Especially if we can buy them via tasks that are accomplished according to some point based system that gives us purchasing power.

Wondering, is MG using the unreal engine? It looked a little like unreal's work when the guy was moving as it reminded me of Batman: Arkham Asylym. (however you spell it) but the movement was even nicer in MG.

Hum... makes we wonder what competitors ubi has been watching and are trying to out-do.

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Moved to Proper Forum

No Problem.

Arargon the engine used in the clips from MGS4 are written by "Hideo Kojima"[& presume his developers]He uses an "in-house" engine.

[but its pretty damn good on a 50" tv lol].Man there was one scene in game where i was on the back of a motorcycle,driving through streets,shooting,total chaos,"dynamic"

camera angles,sometimes you get lost between the quality of gameplay and cinematics.Kojima,he knows what the fans want.I was on this tonight online and the way people move and cover,pretty impressive.He and his company would have made a legend GR game to suit "all" fans.

But yeah,cheers for comparing the clips,if you ever get a chance to play this and see the similarities first hand,make sure you do guys,dont pass it up.

Im going to try and make 1 or 2 more vids,One online gameplay,and something im messing around with,im not going to win an oscar for my recording skills,lol.But as always its to share with the community & speculate.


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I'm surprised that people here have only found out about the Metal Gear Solid series just recently. You guys might want to check out the 4th game if you have a PS3. It's a pretty good stealth game and is WAY better than Conviction as a stealth game. The game itself is quite heavy on the story segments though with cutscenes that can last for a little over 30 minutes and the story itself can get pretty crazy most of the time. It can also get very confusing if you haven't followed the story since MGS1. It's still a very fun game overall though and the online multiplayer can get pretty interesting at times because of the SOP system you can use to keep track of your teammates.

If you guys are interested, MGS3 is a PS2 game set within the cold war and is basically a prelude to the series' entire story. A camouflage system is also used there in the form of different patterned BDUs and facepaints. Since the premise is a Solo Sneaking Mission within the Russian mountain wilderness, you also need to hunt down local flora and fauna for food to keep your stamina at peak condition. I suggest playing the "Subsistence" version of the game though because that one brought a lot of improvements to the original game as well as an adjustable third-person camera similar to MGS4. The story can get pretty crazy there too but not as frequent as 4 though.

So yeah. If I'm being completely apathetic towards everything Ubisoft has pulled out of its sleeves about Future Soldier, that's because I know a ton of games that have done the same Sci-Fi features before but in a much MUCH better and more entertaining way. The Metal Gear Solid series are just some of those games.

By the way, MGS also used to have a form of Optic Camouflage (aka invisibility gizmo) in the story but has just recently steered away from using them on living subjects by the 4th game because the technology apparently gave users a very small amount of radiation sickness. (You can still unlock it as a special item in-game though lol).

And just to reiterate how crazy the story can get: The 'Mother of the US Special Forces' during the cold war uses a sawed-off M16 fitted with a drum magazine that never runs out of ammo and she fires it with only one hand.......... So yeah. That's crazy enough by itself and that's just the tip of the iceberg. :rofl:

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Good post mate,thanks for the info.

After looking up the older titles on youtube,I recall briefly seeing my nephew playing the 2nd one way back,

think there was a virtual level or something in it?.

I knew about part4 and liked what I seen,but never had the oppertunity to play,now I do,I wish I had done it earlier.

Starting out @ level 0 right now and 400 reward points,I need 100 more to upgrade my body armour lol.

Its got some amazing stuff in it and very in depth with the menus alone,it really is some amazing work.

I think with the new one Metal Gear Rising coming to Xbox360,if it has the depth that is in mgs4,and for guys that havnt played a title from the series yet,many well be in for a good treat.

I need to figure out my aiming sensitvity online because no matter how many times I changed it up or down,my guy aims and swings 90 degrees the wrong direction,its about 7 now with no auto aim.But that monkey noise needs to go from drebins shop,thats one irratating little .........lol.

But after playing it so far,the similarities of whats to come in grfs are uncanny.

I put this clip together for a laugh,im not going to win an oscar for my editorial skills,but hey,lol.Im trying to make my gameplay experience a bit like grfs.lol,and my guy goes off looking for more trouble at the end.



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Hello again.

Ok Ive managed to upgrade my characters body armour.

This is the nearest I can get it to future soldier right now.Another 3000 points and I can put a white face mask on.

Ironic.There are more shots on PB.The only editing is adding a crosscom.

[i still have to figure out this stupid camera resolution,& "johnny" is the lobby name]




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