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lost my serial (can i find it back in for example the registry)

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Hi all,

I received my copy of GR Advanced Warfighter 2 by buying my motherboard!

I still have the game installed and is working fine both on and offline!

Now i can't find the paper case anymore where the serial key was on!

I would like to reinstall my pc and i'm curious if i can somehow find the serial key back on my pc!

thanks in advance.

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I had a similar problem and opened a support ticket at Ubisoft and they said is not possible to get the key back.


They offered me a new key for around US$15 on that time... but since you can buy GRAW2 at XFire today for US$9.95, I can't believe the key only will cost more than US$5 today, so will worth pay a little more to avoid all that trouble.

Open a support ticket at Ubisoft and take a try.

good luck!

* Admin edit for content. We do not allow discussions regarding pirating games. :nono:

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I'm not at home on the moment, but it's not difficult to find... hit control+F and search for "ghost recon" or "graw" and you gonna find without problems.


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