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It's a great idea, you have a good taste of fantasy.

But ...

It has nothing to do with GR, I mean the missions will be very short, because u can't use tanks and choppers and will be stuck with only a pistol or carbine.

Please keep GR as realistic as possible (thats what it made for)

Anyway goodluck

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Fantasy?? I wasn't aware that the 1870's western era {easily one of the most important decades in U.S. history} was fantasy.There's a wealth of possibilities for a talented modder{which I'm not} cattle wars ,Indian wars ,bandit gangs,and railroad expansion just to name a few.

As far as it not being suited to Ghost Recon,thats nonsense the game was built to showcase small unit tactics and personal weapons not armor and helo's.

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When I first started modding(in aug) I wanted to make a tombstone mod. You know, shootout at the O.K. Corral. Wyatt and friends killing all of the cowboys. I even made a wyatt character complete with trenchcoat and the peacemaker. Also made a yellowboy rifle. I just stopped cause I didn't know how to make maps. But I still want to make it and i might. You could have a railroad, wagons, and stuff. I want to make a map of the town in tombstone. I have pics and stuff. I think it would be an awesome mod.

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