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IPad UK pricing announced.

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At last we now know what we already knew! We STILL pay more in the UK than the USA!!

That gripe aside, here's the pricing...

Apple has announced that the iPad will be on sale in the UK on Friday 28 May with prices beginning at £429 for the 16GB version without 3G connectivity.

The lowest-priced iPad works out as being over £100 more expensive than in the US - the 16GB model costs $499, which is roughly £339, in the US.

The 16GB version with Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity is £529 in the UK compared to $629 (£428) in the US.

The 32GB versions are £499 (Wi-Fi) and £599 (Wi-Fi and 3G) in the UK compared to $599 and $729 (£407 and £495) in the US. The 64GB models are £529 and £699 compared to $699 and $829 (£475 and £564).

Seriously, you'd have to be just a little mad to go for a 16Gb model, and the frustration of no 3G might be too much to bear, so to me it looks like £529.

One thing I will guarantee you - Apple might have sold a million of these in the US already - but there will be NO QUEUES in the UK on launch morning. The apple stores might see a few folks, but if there is a queue outside any of the phone shops, I will be extremely surprised.

The drop jaw shock of a relatively inexpensive apple product that we saw when it was originally announced has been sadly blown out of the water :(

Still a cool device though :lol:

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why not just get an ipod touch, they're cheaper and you dont look like a total doofus walking around with it oh not to mention,smaller and they do exactly the same as the ipad and you're less likely to break them :tv::P:thumbsup:

the tv one was me watching the ipad advert. it is a bit dumb.

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