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Check this: in PS3 April issue (UK version) I just finished the article about FS. After reading about the drone character it finally hit me: this is kinda kool. How about a drone that has got really advanced AI but is not afraid to die? It's a machine, right? So, it'd be kool to have a sacrifical lamb that is actually intelligent. I mean, we've had neural nets around since the 70's. Neural nets are better at facial/pictorial recognition and are programmed like training a small child. At computational processing they are not near as good but what if we had a character that acted more "human" like but doesn't matter whether it's destroyed or not and its job is to protect ghosts at all costs?

Ghosts are behind enemy lines & often get cut off - intentionally or unintentionally - from help and are susposed to be performing black-ops so what better way to lend support to Ghosts then to send in drones with neural net type advanced AI which will protect the ghosts at all costs? They're cheaper, can self explode to eliminate all traces of them, can act w/o ghost team intervention, if necessary.

The drone character is really a kool dimension and I dont think anyone's thought of this role: the sacrificial lamb that protects ghosts at all costs. Neat huh?

Plus the article stated that we'd have aerial as well as land drones AND the aerial drones would have firepower capability!!! Yes, take out the bad guys from total concealment.

However, I truly hope that this implementation is better than Frontlines: Fuel for War. That game sucked. I believe ubi will do better than that. Much better. eAch rev of GR has gotten better in terms of graphics, squad commands etc...

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