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Splinter Cell: Conviction some In game Screenshots

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Gamespot tears this game a new one for PC. Claims the port was horrid. I don't think I'll be spending any money for a PC version.

:yes: Read that yesterday. Sounded so bad, not even sure I'd be interested in it at a bargain bin price.

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gamespot did say some good things from what i read about their review of scc, but as always it's just their take on things. All the issues gamespot review mentions, i have not had one, except i couldn't connect to Uplay once, and that had nothing to do with the game. Each to their own liking of whatever but i do my own review, i have read countless times how some over rated review site or sites give a thumbs down on a said game and only to find out for my self how wrong these often twonk reviewers only give their impressions. Me personaly i think this is the best of the series, i own the 360 and pc version, money well spent. It is a shame though that idiots like skidrow commit crimes such as piracy that's the only downside for me, but, as it has been said befor ...what goes around.

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