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Yep, Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 'Lucid Lynx' has been released.

A few headline features:

  • New themes: the old 'Humanity' concept & themes have been replaced with two themes on a 'light'-based concept - Ambiance and Radiance.
  • Faster startup: not only does it boot quicker (nearly halved the time on my netbook), but it's usable faster - no more staring at your desktop waiting for everything to load.
  • Revamped Software Center.
  • Social media,chat & email integrated into the Me Menu and Messaging Menu. (May not sound exciting, but combining Gwibber, Empathy and Evolution or Thunderbird with the new indicators really makes this stuff quicker & easier ;) )
  • Ubuntu One music store integrated into the music player.
  • Improved & extended Ubuntu One sync for other stuff like bookmarks, contacts, notes & photos.
  • Pitivi video editor (at last Ubuntu gets a video editor by default - and a pretty decent one at that).

That doesn't look a terribly long list, does it? But 10.04 Lucid is one of those releases where the little things make the biggest difference. The overall feel is that Ubuntu has moved up a level - it's time to take seriously Mark Shuttleworth's aim of competing with OS X on quality. We're not there yet, but Ubuntu is getting there.

- Gache

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