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I still can't figure it out. So I asked kimi for a clue; too many pics, words & numbers. + we've no idea what to look for. but the videos are really kool. & it appears the USS RR carrier will be in the game. I hope we get to launch missions of that bad boy.

Is it harder to crack than your DRM?

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Is it codes?are we going to get a series of clues from coming trailers?is there something in the lines for grfs like you did with codeofconviction.com for SC,Then unlock the clue and enter a number and get some redeemable code in our emails for when grfs releases,

giving us some items.?

Any hints Kimi.

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The code was actually discovered about a week or so ago and even talked about here in the forums...only we didn't know what it was for. Now the question is where does it go...hopefully that helps...(it's in the video but it only flashes on the screen for a split second - so you can either watch the video and try and find it, or you can look thru a couple of the threads around here wink wink and find it.)

Someone else here besides me knows it, whether they know it or not. LOL.

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