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I have been folowing this thread for a while now. As I have no plans to buy GR:FS until they loose their anti piracy crap, I am on the hunt for a new game to play.

So is this a game that I want to buy?

Let's have some feedback people.

Details, details, details.


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well, here are some player feedback reviews:

Bad Engine, Bugged; a down right failure of a game

I cannot make this anymore clear: DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!

I love stealth games and sniper games, and so I was doubly looking forward to the release of this game.The first big problem: the stealth doesn't work. The enemies seem picky about which long grasses match your gillie suit, while also being picky about which enemy they care about dying. The only good camouflage is a nice rock or tree in between you and the enemy, and even that sometimes fails. The UI does provide a handy bar, telling you how much an enemy has 'seen' you, but it is practically impossible to react to, as it generally goes from zero to 100 percent instantly. I can't help but wonder if a simple 'Visibility' bar would have been more appropriate.

This brings me to the AI, which is the most bugged I have ever encountered. When spotted a few things can happen: an alarm instantly goes off and all enemies in the area know where you are, the enemy (and all their friends) stand there looking at you while you, not so slyly, put a bullet in each of them, or they instantly kill you (Something I actually like in stealth games). This lead to some funny moments where I would be spotted while, trying, to be stealthy in random foliage, and I would be spotted by an enemy. I would then kill this enemy silently, however, other enemies had been alerted. I would usually find them staring at me in the long grass, like they were trying to figure out which way the bullet came out of. Being the nice guy, I kindly showed them and continued my mission.

The graphics are nice, but are the sort needed in order to wash over glaring gameplay faults. I got to the beginning of the 3rd (I might be wrong about this) level and was told to stealth to a lighthouse, and failing to not be noticed results in failing the mission. Upon loading, I immediately got a message that I had failed the mission, even though I had not moved a virtual muscle. A simple quit and reload managed to fix this problem, however, at the end of this level (In which the bugged AI and stealth mechanics played havoc with my patience) I finally get to the lighthouse, where I am told to find enemy snipers for an incoming special ops team. It turned out the second (and final) sniper was behind a wall, and I could only see his gun poking out, and was thus unable to complete this level and progress any further. Clearly the developers didn't see fit to test their game before release, although I did not try a reload to see if it would be fixed.

I uninstalled and immediately threw the game into a cupboard never to see the light of day again.

Hugely disappointing

I'd been waiting for this game for a while. I was hoping it would be a combination of stealth and combat only when really needed, with the emphasis being on 'one-shot, one-kill'. Something similar to Thief with the ability to sneak around and take that one shot.

It actually starts out fairly well with a bit of sneaking, but this soon descends into the all too familiar 'on rails' type shooter in the style of Call of Duty. Which is okay if you want another FPS shooter, but not if you're looking for a 'sniping' game. The second level actually loses any sort of relevance in terms of sniping, and has you with a squad of men doing a full assault. Ludicrous.

This paired with the oh-so tired storyline of 'Evil Central American Dictator', overly used 'Crysis/Farcry' beach and jungle graphics and absurd enemy AI that sees them seeing you....wearing a ghillie suit....in a bush.....100 metres away immediately makes for a very disappointing experience.

A massive disappointment, and I'm still waiting for that genuinely good 'sniping' game.

Sadly weak

Oh dear. A game that had the potential to be the new "Sniper Elite" but actually fails to deliver.

Set on a Caribbean type island you sneak around chasing a clichéd bad guy dictator and zapping AI bad guys that are either over aware or blissfully stupid. Like Sniper Elite, you have 'bullet time' so you can enjoy(?) a slo-mo replay of your better shots, gore and all. The story line is daft and the gameplay surprisingly poor. The AI can spot you far too easily or if there is shooting, then other AI in the area don't seem to notice. Graphics and rendering are weak at times and it does feel a little bit contrived I have to say. It wants to be a blend of Sniper Elite and Medal of Honour but fails on both parts.

I only do single player, so can't comment on the multi-player, but I finished this very easily in a weekend so from my perspective this is poor value for money and a real lost opportunity to engage the players who loved Sniper Elite. I have given this three stars, but only just - you would be far better waiting a year and getting this at a bargain price that would be more realistic.

AN OK Game that could have delivered SO MUCH MORE!!

Right the games is by city interactive and I hope they take this as not critisism but constructive feedback for what needs adding to make this game great instead of OK..

If you are a first person shooter fan ..its ok.. but overall the game lacks polish mainly regarding gameplay however graphics are good..

right what I would have liked to have seen this game have..

1.Being able to choose weapons and various sniper rifles (and secondary weapons!!) from an outfitting screen and being able to customise (scopes and silencer etc..)for each operation ala rainbow six vegas..

2.The operations are very linear you CANT go for a walk in the woods to find the bad guys or reconoitre the game world..or which is very disappointing you cant climb aerial masts for ultimate long shots or to to gain a height advantage(though u can climb some things,what the developers want you to!!). If you try to go somewhere you hit an invisible barrier that only allows you to complete the mission how they(developers) want it to be played..wheres the fun in that.

3. with 2.(above!! in mind) allow players to move freely like on operation flashpoint or farcry

4. with 3and 2.(above!!) you only get to see the AI enemies when you have activated a waypoint within a section within an operation you have passed through or are very close to you cant reconoitre where the enemies are..helps you plan your mission..!! or bump a few off with fantastic long shots.

5. Bullet cam is brilliant BUT...if you have multiple targets you have a nice cinema of you shooting someone whilst his friends are shooting the hell out of you..WHY ?? and

you take damage soo..Id prefer to be able to view the bullet cam cinemas like a debrief after the end of each mission..and possible save them too..!!

6.Rifle scope zoom..only 3 clicks..GIVE OVER!! you need 5-6 for more realism

7.Better manouverability around the game world..TAKE NOTE ALL FPS NEED THIS..Many a time you have a steep bank that you can get up over half way the steepness doesnt change but then you cant get to the top..especially when theres an advantage for you to get there..WHY not??

8.A breathing control button..the blurb for this says you can even learn to control breathing..yeah wait 5-10 secs..WOW !! NOT..

Overall I get the feeling that this game started out with good intentions but that either a time constraint was placed on its development and it was hastily put out to retail or that the developers gave up on it and lost interest..and rushed it out to retail..either way I am being generous and saying its ok..its saving grace.. quite a few missions..

If You read this and work for the developers I suggest you learn to continually develop professionalism within your chosen field..and dont rest on your laurels..open the game code add the suggestions ive made re polish it and let me test it..

if you work for a computer magazine and have favourably reviewed this game.. pack YOUR JOB IN!!

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Announcing it as a new fun challenging sniper game would of stuck better than:

The most realistic sniping experience in a video game ever

Glad I held off purchase, picked up several new games in last weeks steam summer sale instead.


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O.K. So I'll pass on this game.

So...........All you Ghosts help me out here. I'm taking a pole. Whitch tactical shooter shooter game should I get? You all know what I like to see in a game (Ghost Recon type with stalth, recon and the ability to direct a squad of men). All the Ghost Recon criticisms apply here: non-linear game play, etc,etc. Give me a game name and a quick description of why you like it.

Rocky. If you move this post to somewhere else, that's fine, just let know where to look.

Thanks all for your time and effort


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Sniper: Ghost Warrior - Map Pack


Sniper: Ghost Warrior Map Pack further expands multiplayer experience with 5 new maps. Battle to control ruined oil-rigs or lie in wait to capture one of mystic stone towers. This Map Pack brings new sniping spots and chance to eliminate enemies from even longer distance. Sniper: Ghost Warrior Map Pack includes new maps for deathmatch, team deathmatch and VIP modes featuring a variety of new locations!

Steam page

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Actually guys, with the patch from what I have found, they corrected many issues. Im still wanting to try Sniper Ghost Warrior no matter how it turns up cause its probably the best we will get for a long time still yet. By the way, I am surprised there is no thread for Ghost Recon Alpha Trailer yet... :whistle: Well, good night guys, its late and been looking at to many trailers tonight.

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despite the reviews, i found this game okay. the AI was just as stupid in "art of Victory" but it was a fun game great if your PC doesn't match up to the specs of CoD 6 or something (required CPU spec only has a 400Mhz difference but it can be that difference that stops you playing CoD 6)

and it's a fantastic Passtime if you can't be bothered with multiplayer.

overall i'd call it mediocre like i said, great for a passtime, but the engine needs a slight tweak

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