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singleplayer versus lone wolf

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Please, I have a doubt, what is the difference between one mission to singleplayer and one lone-wolf?

Perhaps singleplayer you are your and your three men (that is your and your tre ghost " no-player" like in the campaigns)? And lone-wolf is alone that is your only?

And of being thus. where I can install one mission to singleplayer (I and my three ghost not players) to be able to play it?

Perhaps in CUSTOM LEVELS like the campaigns?

Very thanks 0:)

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Lone Wolf is when you play alone, this is normally done in coop missions and there are a few out there made just for that purpose which are scripted by Bogie and myself.

Single-player is for campaign missions where you can either play alone or with the ghost AI helping you, you can also play these missions using a lan server and selecting Lan Campaign Server from the Create Server screen.

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