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US Special Forces News Piece

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Nice find. Preston Short, by the way, is definitely not short, lol.

That he ain't.

Nice one Gordo. Are you still landing visits to Fort Bragg?



Yeah mate. I've been back since my last visit we had at the range. (Range Day)

And other locations around the traps lol.

@WK: Yeah that's HF .

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The team also is in discussions with Sony, with hopes of developing software that soldiers could take home and use on their PlayStation 3 systems.
Sounds alot like GB...only with vehicle involvement thrown into the mix.
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Last I heard, SnowFella used the term backburner re GB.

One thing to wonder about is if in brainstorming this JOTC simulator JS will lose any of his ideas/concepts developed/thought up for GB to the proprietary rights of the US Govt.

Sorry OT

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