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Generating silhouettes in the editor


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As some of you will know I have been changing the maps in GRAW2 to suit my needs for my missions, in all this time I've never been able to generate the silhouettes.

After running the lightmaps I press Alt and Backspace to generate the silhouettes but nothing happens.

All of the maps that I have used have got silhouettes but I am unable to generate them again when I have added the extra buildings.

I have almost finished making a map from scratch but I am still unable to make the silhouettes, I would have thought it should work on a new map but no joy.

Just wondered if anyone else has had this problem.



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I do have the same issue. I have noticed that the silhouette "props" are separate mesh inside of the diesel files and have only had them create once on one of my own buildings that I created. Seems like all of the GRAW1 and GRAW2 buildings already have the silhouettes built into them, so I really have not noticed a difference in game play.

Perhaps one of the seasoned map modders can shed a little more light on the subject.

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To generate those, you can not chane anything in:

levels\custom_levels\your mission folder

all files generated automatically in this folder should stay as create them editor which mean you can not creale xml folder and change the path in world_info file, only then you can generate silhouettes :thumbsup:

it is annoying during creating process, because of 1000 world.xml copies, but after all you can generate those files without any problems :)

then quick atlas generation and it is ready, but don't ask me if they work in the game lol

I discovered it accidentally when i was trying to make my first map :rofl:



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I've never been able to generate silhouettes from within the editor, pressing Alt+Backspace creates the Sil folder but it's always empty.

What I do is load the necessary silhouettes from the texture_scope.xml using this line:

<texture_set name="atlas_world/atlas_silhouettes/atlas_mission09_sil"/>

I then change the mission number to load the correct silhouettes, if I'm using more than one set of buildings I'll add more lines to load the correct silhouettes, these are such small textures I've never had any lag problems doing it this way.

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