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[Converting GRAW2 maps to GRAW1?]

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I know Bogie was able to convert GRAW1 maps over to GRAW2 so I would have thought it might be possible.

I think Bogie used 3D Max to manipulate the textures for the maps/props plus you would need to change the xml files to make them compatible for GRAW1.

If you want to take a look at how he converted the GRAW1 props to GRAW2 you can download them here, there are instructions on how he did it, maybe this will give you some idea as to what is needed.

Sorry I can't be more help, maybe Bogie has a better idea of how this could be done.

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Actually, it would probably be easier to convert the maps from GRAW2 to GRAW1. GRAW1 uses the palat coloring system very heavily with it's textures. GRAW2, almost every prop uses their own standard true-to-color texture, so you could probably convert them directly. The only unknown for me is the use of the GRAW1 MOPP system as this is a piece that we cannot convert (or I do not know how to convert it) as GRAW2 uses a props brush in a separate single file.

Hope this helps,


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