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Interest in GR Wall Papers?

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Hey everyone,

I am currently making some GR Wallpapers for myself using some good screen shots and some graphics. They look pretty cool (or at least I think so :lol: ), and was wondering if anyone else was interested in them?

I have finished one for Will Jacobs and Scott Ibrahim. If there is a demand, I could make one for every Specialist.

Here is the Scott Ibrahim one:


Input is appreciated :)

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Bunch of new ones with more coming in the future. And soon I'll be making a Frostbite line of wallpapers similar to the ones I have allready made.

New ones:

Nigel Tunney 1

Nigel Tunney 2

Nigel Tunney 3

Henry Ramirez 2

Deter Munz 2

Lindy Cohen 2

Susan Grey

Klaus Henkel

And about Jodit Haile. I have beaten the mission to unlock her and the xml file has her there, but somehow I can't select her. Jack Stone and Osazade coming soon.

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I'm working on gr, RvS and SplinterCell wallpapers but I need to know are most peoples monitor set to 1024? How many people run it higher than that and would you like me to provide 2 versions 1024 and 1280? (Sorry not catering for you evil 800 users! Curse your little viewing pleasures.)

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this might sound like a noob question but what gun is Henry Ramirez using there. As i recall, he used a mp5.. Do you get to unlock that gun??

He is using the M4 Socom, Ramirez uses it when playing with Island Thunder activated :)

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