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I had a session last night and I've just realised why other players seem to be able to shoot faster than me. A player told me it's called pre-fire. You keep the fire button pressed down before you run and then release it when you stop. The weapon fires straight away. This must be only happening in 'Hollow' as TDM is fast a furious in that small map.

That's a bad feature. You can't run & gun, yet you can pre-fire?


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... You can't run & gun, yet you can pre-fire?


Playing any game-mode in GRAW, you can "pre-fire" and get the jump on your enemy, whether it be single player or online-play. Simply fire a single shot from your assault rifle before leaving base or starting to run, then hold down the "fire" button on your mouse as you run to your destination. If you encounter an enemy before you reach your destination, stop running and your rifle will very quickly start firing. The trick is to be pointing directly at your target, as you stop running. This also works as you do a sliding stop.

Try it; it works on all game-modes, but is extremely effective in Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch.

I find it annoying to run in GRAW while constantly pressing the fire button though.

Some players use this method all the time, and are very difficult to kill because of it.

Reloads. Eeveryone has to do it, so look for that break to make your move if you survive the initial attack.

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