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live action slower rate


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Here is a short clip I did from the live action trailer.I have slowed the speed rate down on some parts.Special focus on the opti camo and shoulder mounted missle launcher,opening of mechanism and ejection of missles x 2 on each commando.

Ps.i left the sound out.


let me know if the link works.

if you need it slower let me know too.

Have a look,enjoy.

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Nice work Jay, can't wait to see some live in game action.

Going on bro,

here,this will tie you over until the next data comes out.

remember short circuits jonny 5?"jonny 5 is alive".


compare these and tell me what you think.




answer:they took jonny 5s head off and stuck it on the back of a ghost.GR Jonny!

come on man,i havnt slept again,lol.As I mentioned,robocop and predator had a b*****d child.

But I look forward to gameplay footage,THEN we'll see what its like.


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