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first official images (concept art)


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I found these a few moments ago, not sure if anyone has already seen them but I thought you might be interested.

Ubisoft has released the first official images from Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, showing us the graphics of the game, the soldiers models and environments.
















It was late last night when I found these so I didn't have time to include the screenshots so here they are.

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I was checking out some of those images and the first thing on my mind was Terminator. What I am not seeing is Ghost Recon. Thank you Ubi for allowing me to spend more money on Flight Simulator products and peripherals.

Well said. The more I see, the less I feel that Ubisoft really wants my money. The more I see, the more I think that the developers have lost any sense of what GR was. This rubbish isn't Ghost Recon.

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It's pretty obvious that most of the die hard fans of GR don't like the direction that Ubi is taking with their latest reincarnation of Ghost Recon.

While I totally understand all the GR fans way of thinking I am looking at the next version of the game from the perspective of being a GRAW2 fan and never really getting to grips with GR, some of you will find this hard to believe but I just didn't like GR, not being able to see my gun while in-game was for me a killer right from the start.

There will be many people here that will say if you haven't played GR1 then you are not a true Ghost Recon fan, that's fine, each to their own but like many people I know GRAW2 had and still has a good fan base.

I see GR:FS as a natural progression from GRAW2 so for me I like the screenshots that have been released, if nothing else it gives an idea of what we can expect from the graphics side of the game and if these are anything to go on then I think the graphics should be to notch.

There has been a lot of talk about all the high tech stuff that will be in FS, again as a GRAW2 fan it just seems a natural progression as GRAW2 had some futuristic gear in the game, not to everyone's taste I know but I look forward to seeing how it will be implemented.

Will we see this high tech equipment used in the real world in the next 10 or 20 years? I can't answer this but the exoskeleton is already in prototype and footage has been posted in these forums by Rocky and myself so there is no denying that it is out there. The hottest topic around the GR:FS forums is the use of the cloaking device, I'm not so sure that we will see this in the real world in the next couple of decades but I am sure that it will come in the future, when that will be I don't know probably not in my lifetime but I'm sure it will happen.

As for the actual game play, well I will reserve judgement on this as no one really knows exactly what we can expect but from what I can see I will be getting my copy as soon as it hits the shelves.

So go easy on me here folks, I'm just trying to give a different point of view from a die hard GRAW2 fan rather than the usual GR fans responses.

I'm just wondering if there are anymore GRAW2 fans that have an opinion on the next release from Ubi.

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.........so in the future the patch will once again go above the flag? i wonder what future tech brought about that change.

still waiting for in-game footage to judge this one...I accept this as not being ghost recon, the question is will it offer game mechanics to set it apart from the rest of the market...for all its issues (and there were plenty) at least graw gave you plenty of hardware to multi task with...hopefully the new game brings some new game mechanics to the table.

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Nice, thanks John.

All concept art, still not a single ingame image has been released not less any footage. I think this game's a lot less further along in development than people are thinking.

Anyone fancy setting about turning these into a new batch of wallpapers? :thumbsup:

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cool images, pic 11 and 12 show off the new maps well, with snow and trees and lots of cover.

One thing that I noticed is in pic 6 when taking cover, they are peaking over the edge, implying fpv. Or could mean that when in third person view when looking around objects your man automaticly pokes his head out.

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not being able to see my gun while in-game was for me a killer right from the start.

Your not able to see your cross comm in front of your face, plus maybe the front of your helmet, boonie, hat. I like both styles, just a thought.

Piccy #2 and #12 look really nice.


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i like this one:


I like your xbox avatar better :rofl:, but this one is pretty cool actually.

They've really gone off the deep end though. This is full on StarWars meets Termniator Salvation, but without the real grit of both. Looks like his "sight" is just projecting out of thin air. Not a fan of the espisode II attack battle droid thingy either.

These screens aren't bad. They do feel too clean, puffy, and cg to me. I know many people aren't fans of MW/2 gameplay around here, but I feel like the latest incarnation really nailed the characters and "look"of a realistic/believable military.

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