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GRAW dedicated server tutorial?

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I'm playing GRAW for years but never with a dedicated server, I'm going to upload a server to my clan here in Brasil and I'm a little lost about some stuff...

1. where/how to setup the map rotation? or he will simply load a map after another in the same gametype of the server?

2. how to setup the autodownload files? I know that GRAW2 doesn't have that feature, but GRAW1 has right?

if anyone host a GRAW1 COOP server please send me your config files to let me know how it works, I have a GRAW2 COOP server with very nice features, I can send you my config if you want.

so, please zip the files and send to hajas@bloodculture.com.br or copy/paste here.

thank you!

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