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Live Action Promo Released


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The fact that people on here think a 203 launcher can take out a tank speaks volumes.

The underslung attachment can be a range of things including a 203 launcher grenade launcher, and shotgun.

That is a wire cutter.

Why are people so quick to bash stuff they are uninformed about.

Sorry if my post was not clear. I never intended it to mean that a m203 could take out a tank or couldn't, just that if you have something on your shoulder capable of taking out a tank, lugging around an M203 under your rifle might not be necessary.


I don't buy the notion that people that don't like the direction of the game are "uninformed." Maybe all the information is not out there, but there is clearly enough for some people to make a decision of whether they like the direction the game is going or not.

If Ford decided to stop making Mustangs, and instead were just going to put the Mustang name plate on a Fusion, would some of you still go buy it because it says "Mustang" on it?

Even by your "clarification" you show that you believe that a 203 can take out a tank. The grenade that goes into a M203 launcher is typically either HEDP (high explosive dual purpose) or simply HE.

HE is anti personel it's simply meant to be a longer range grenade. HEDP fills that roll as well, however it is also designed to penetrate thin skinned armor allowing it to take out lightly armored or unarmored vehicles. (Humvees)

By your logic it would make no sense to carry both an AT4 and an M203 launcher, or a Javalin and a M203 launcher.

They do not serve the same purpose.

As for your "mustang/focus" argument it is flawed, as a mustang and a focus are not the same type of car.

Ghost recon is still what it has always been a tactical game, some people complaining just don't like the direction it is going. That is understandable, however some people also don't understand that the game was never a milsim, it's always been a tactical shooter. Some people also act like simply because they played the original their opinion is the only one that matters and that anyone who doesn't agree with them couldn't possibly have played the original, which is also ignorant. There are plenty of people just like me who played the original and have enjoyed every GR since.

The other big issue is people complaining/commenting on weaponry/technology without knowing what they are talking about. Also the ones complaining about Ghost Recon using future tech, especially since Ghost Recon has ALWAYS been about future combat.

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Though I like the bottle opener attachment, so you can enjoy a cold one for your mission debriefing. ;)

HAH...too funny. :)

The reports have indicated you'll be able to do melee attacks. Can you imagine getting slashed with that thing...ouch!

The melee attacks refer to krav maga and russian combatives. However I wouldn't put it past them to include a "swap" to CQC attachment instead of the wire cutter/utility tool.

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I know this is about the live action video...but I'm going to mention something in the teaser trailer...

Around the 00:33, the text G12ABEZK1R flashes up. It's only there for a split second but it is quite clear and rather bold, compared to the "vagueness" of a lot of the other text that occurs in the video. Anyone have a clue. I know Dirites has looked at it. I know I've looked at. I've used various translators and what not trying to get a correlation. I've asked Ubi Kimi who simply said, "Very observant." I'm trying to get some clarification on whether it means anything or not.

I forget what game it was, but they "hid" all kinds of clues in their trailers - and I love when companies do this. I've noticed a few things in the videos I find interesting...they very well may end up having no significance...but you never know what you might stumble upon.

Anyway...the shot reminds me of some kind of vehicle, perhaps a ship. It has what appears to be turrets and SAM launchers or some other box like structure. We know that the USS Ronald Reagan is hit with missiles, so a Russian warship would seem to fit.

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I maybe have something. Abez in Russian is ''Абезь'' that gave me this in Russian

Abez - a settlement in the urban district of Inta, Komi Republic. Center of the village administration Inta municipality. The population of 783 persons (2000).. Located on the right bank of the Usa. Founded in 1942 as a station on the railroad to Vorkuta. In Izhma dialect of Komi "Abez" - ######, slovenly. The first settlers in these places was a Abez Mish (sleazy Michael).

Abez - mass cemetery where hundreds thousands victims of Communism are buried

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@Dirites - interesting find...could be I suppose.

The shape still reminds me of a structure...man made by the clean and straight lines...I was thinking the text was some kind of designator...perhaps one of the Russian carriers pictured in the concept art.

Or maybe...nothing more than a strawman...


the picture behind the numbers is the side of a boat, you can see AA missiles battery and a 3 barreled turret

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