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Live Action Promo Released


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Anyone why stayed up to midnight GMT on Thursday will have been among the first to see Ubisoft's live action trailer for Future Soldier at IGN.

Clicky Here.

I'm trying to get a better resolution mov version, so standby for that. It's a pretty good clip but we need it BIGGER :D

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I hope the game looks better then that, because that's one of the corniest looking things I've seen a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time. Like when they started doing live action video in games back in the mid-90s, ie MULTIMEDIA CDROM. The audio was ok though.

The game could still be fun and have nice graphics, but it looks so space age to me, it'll have to be modded back to reality for me to like it.

Another link:

GRFS Trailer VE3d

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i must say, havnt we already played this mission AKA Ghost Recon :hmm: also, looks goodas a game in its own right, but requires heavy modding to meet reality that we want.

hell, im going to have to say GRAW is way better, at least its based on a real project which at the time was promising to go into operation which is at least real. from what i could tell, there was only a berret, all others including Russian looked like sci fi weapons.

and Russian drones!!!! they cant even afford what they got let alone electronic warfare. even the tanks, now of course theres supposed to be new tanks coming into Russian service, but looking like it came out of demolition man isnt it.

cloaking, ok i give that up since it is in the works, but its a feature that should wait until like GHOST RECON 10

in all, for this, ill stay with crysis, its great and already did these. for GR ill stay with GRAW, but i will try this GR out just for fun.

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I may not be a big participator on this forum but after watching that preview video I feel compelled to say that as of right now Ubisoft's versions of Ghost Recon are dead to me. I know it has been said a lot around here but GR was for realism or pretty close to it in game form, but if I wanted to play a scifi game then I have things like Crysis or Halo or AvP or several other titles where the scifi content is appropriate. Looks like it is finally time to give up my hopes of a new and true Tom Clancy game experience. Good thing I have several novels to fall back on. I will also take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to all the GR fan made mods that made GR1 an even more awesome gaming experience for me.

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The full press release came out today. Very interesting to see Ridley Scotts name on there, love his work.

ASSETS ATTACHED: 2 screenshots

DOWNLOAD THE TRAILER NOW: [ I'll create a download entry for this file shortly, Rocky]


March 26, 2010 – The official trailer for Tom Clancy™’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier™ is available now for immediate posting.

Directed by Ben Mor of Little Minx, a company of Ridley Scott and Associates, the trailer was created in collaboration with visual effects creators Asylum, who are known for their high-caliber work on Terminator Salvation. The live-action video game trailer marks the highly anticipated return of the elite Ghosts with a visceral and immersive experience that showcases the explosive action of future warfare.

Illustrating the realism that the Ghost Recon brand is known for, the ”Future War” trailer features the Ghosts on the hunt for a wanted war criminal in Moscow. Using weapons and advanced technology based on real-world military prototypes in research and development today, and which fans will soon be able to experience directly in the game, the Ghosts strike down an entire army before vanishing from sight.

Separately, Oscar winners Hervé de Crécy and François Alaux of Little Minx, a company of Ridley Scott and Associates, are working with Ubisoft on a short film based on the Ghost Recon brand arriving later this year.

For ongoing updates about the game, please visit: www.GhostRecon.com

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Hope we get some PhysX in GRFS.

Amen :D

Well all i can say is that the technology is amazing and epitomizes the word “futureâ€. I think out of the Cloak and the exoskeleton gear the most unique was the shoulder mounted rockets. I’m a grenadier by class myself and never really changed for years now so it will be interesting. It was rather reassuring to see that they still have combat rifles and not lazer guns though, that would have really pushed it over the edge. I also noticed that the enemy has some amazing weapons of their own, even spotting a larger size red armored ground drone and tanks, sweet. Can’t really say too much yet but it does look like a fresh approach for the series. The combat still looks intense, and the tactical element seems to still be alive and well. Can’t wait to see the actual game play footage though and play the Beta but for now it looks serious.

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Is this gameplay?It looks like real characters fits in a video game...Well if gameplay looks like this,I can't wait to tried this one out...for me the more a game looks real the better I have the feel that I am not in a game.

The closer they will get to reality,that's what I expect from a game...to be tactical,emersive and a great story.

I have no problems at all with the path that this game is taking mean all the future gadgets and I don't care if most peoples doesn't agree with me :)...

Before saying more....I'll wait for a real time gaming video...but this looks promissing!


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Hi guys, long time not see.

Iam very dissappointed by the content of this new trailer, more than i was from the first one. Now its fact that iam out of the GR series. For me its just to futuristic.

I started loughing when the soldier fired the little rockets on the tank. Months before, as the discussion was up to the title "GR 4 Predator" i joked around it could take place in the jungle and that the soldier could have the weapon of the predator. Now i see the trailer and it really happend. Cant believe.

Maybe iam just stupid and iam totally not able to get it, but what exactly has GR4 to to with the wole GR series?

I totally dont get it. The only thing i recognize is the logo of the ghosts, thats all. :(

Greetings to Rocky, Bogie, JohnTC02 !


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