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Operation: Solare

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Operation Solare v2 is now ready for release.

Thanks as always to my trusty alpha testers the TAW clan.

This mission is scripted on a heavily modified version of the Election Day map by PGS_Guttalax so thanks goes to him for the use of his map.

There are four missions in the bundle, day and night multiplayer missions and day and night lone wolf missions.

Download Link, Screenshot is in the zip file:


Mission Author: JohnTC02

Map Author: PGS_Guttalax/JohnTC02

File Size: 10 Mb

Version: 2


Operation: Solare

Colonel Jimenez has informed us that your mission at Leopardos was a complete success, Pablo Mendoza was eliminated and the refinery was destroyed. Your latest missions to stop the Mexican cartels shipping narcotics into the U.S is almost at an end but there is still one more Cartel Leader to dispose of.

Amado Valdez, leader of the Beltrán-Leyva Cartel has a large quantity of narcotics stored at a town called Solare, there is also a vehicle depot there along with heavy air defences.

Intel is sketchy so we are not sure if Valdez is at this location but if found he must be eliminated.

Your mission here is to destroy all the narcotics takeout the vehicle depot and secure the HQ, before you can extract you must also destroy all air defences.

A quick heads up here Ghosts, before you can access the narcotics you will need to first disable the security system which is guarded by Valdez's finest elite rebels.

Your mission:

1. Disable Security System.

2. Destroy Narcotics.

3. Secure HQ.

4. Destroy Fuel Supply.

5. Destroy Adat A.

6. Destroy Adat B.

7. Destroy Vehicle Depot.

8. Destroy Transmitter.

Map list for Dedicated Servers:





There are four missions included in the bundle, a day and night multiplayer mission and day and night lone wolf version, as usual the lone wolf version has "sp" (single player) in the name of the mission.

The lone wolf version have less vehicles, the AI count is also reduced by 40% from the multiplayer version.

Thanks goes to Rahnman and his TAW squad for testing the alpha versions, thanks also to PGS_Guttalax for the use of his map Election Day.

Thanks to the Beta Testers:

Bogie Viper and his team @ AGB (agbgaming.com), Rahnman Zero Goose JayBOT & the rest of the team @ TAW.net (The Art of Warfare), mexicobob and Anthony.


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  • 1 month later...

Hi John,

this is a absolut fantastic map&mission!

It was perfect four our Ghost family and we completed it in 4,5hrs.

When we completed all objectives and the final "clear road block" came up we was very scrared to see another gate problem but this time :D yippie yee, there was no gate to open! YES

John, I think you are getting better and better. The tangos was placed great, the action was awesome and the respawn points was very good, at least in the first half.

May later we had to walk a bit more because we completed the objectives in a different order as described in the mission.txt file.

So my question is, should we complete the objectives in the order we choose by ourself or should we complete the objectives in the order the creator recommend it?

But hey, the company should hire you for mission making (may for future soldier :) )

Thanks for leaving the RPG in the game and have a great day,


Ohhh, by the way, after at least 100 missions we find out how to shoot a heli with a sniper :o

Wish that we find this out many many month before :wall:

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Ohhh, by the way, after at least 100 missions we find out how to shoot a heli with a sniper :o

Wish that we find this out many many month before :wall:

:rofl: Perhaps I should have uploaded my sniper movie for you a bit earlier. Here you go...


I also like the car explosion at the start, GRAW 2 still has the best explosions I've seen in any game.

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:wall: AGAIN! Thank you Rocky, but you should upload this much earlier :pirate:

All the time Erika and I spend 5-10 minutes at the minimum to destroy each heli with a supporter gun/machine gun!

Mostly we get hit by an tango while we shooting the helis so it could take much much longer.

This is history now!

.....and we was wondering that nobody else had the sam problems we had :whistle:

So again, thank you very much Rocky :thumbsup:

Can you say anything the my question above? What is your experience with the order of the objectives and respawn points?



...and with the explosions you are absolutey right.

We play shooters for 15 years starting with Doom and special with Duke nukem which we played already Coop! We had about 600 mission mods for Duke Nukem! All I can say is that GRAW2 is THE BEST!!! Also GRAW and Vegas made a lot of fun!

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Hi Kaapo,

You can complete the mission in any order you wish, depending on how you do this you may find yourself covering old ground and as you mention there will be parts of the map that will be quiet if you have previously cleared that area.

After you learn where the respawn points are you will be able to plan your mission taking them into account.


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Hi John!

It was great fun until....

I played single player mission. The last one was narcotics, but I couldn't get in!

Read that I had to destroy the security system. I've done that, and completed all other tasks. The last one was narcotics. So I killed over 300 AIs, several hours of play and couldn't finish the game. :wall:

Oh, thanks anyway. :thumbsup:

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