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Girly Drinks vs Manly Drinks

I have been told that American beer is like having sex on the beach...it's close to water.

Years ago, when I was a soldier and young and stationed overseas we would place an order for a case of Schlitz or two or... from the base PX.

Shortly a local riding a bike, dressed in white with a red bow tie and red ball cap would arrive at the barracks steps with the Schlitz. It was $2.40 US/ case. We could have gotten Carling Black Label for $1 US/ case but it was disgusting.

Out of the service I lived in a state where Coors beer was not available at the time. If Coors beer was wanted you had to cross into Oklahoma to get it. Once Coors became available for purchase where I lived it was never as wildly popular as when you had to go to Oklahoma to get it.

Which leads to the below.

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