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Skyfall - James Bond Theme

FYI, Skyfall will be the last James Bond movie with Daniel Craig. It will also be the last one where James Bond is British, working for MI6. In future Bond movies, the protagonist (still named James Bond) is played by Gabrielle Union (an American actress known from e.g. Bad Boys II), and she is not a secret agent but a New Jersey bus driver, trying to cope with the problems of raising her two sons as a single mother.

Future Bond movies will be produced by recently founded Ubisoft Motion Pictures and directed by Yves Guilllemot, Ubisoft's charismatic and visionary CEO, who announced that he knows exactly what to do to take James Bond back to its "true roots" and deliver what longtime fans have been waiting for. "James Bond is about human struggle, about finding your way in society" Guillemot is reported saying, and "the series has always been about drama, n'est-ce pas?"

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King Leonidas visits Skyrim:

No-one turns their back on Leonidas!

This one's for Led. How Khajiit settle disputes in Skyrim:

What's that you say, they're cats? So are Khajiit. From the looks of it, one had summoned Odahviing (Winged Snow Hunter) and the other had summoned Durnehviir (Curse Never Dying) to assist in combat.

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