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Free sniper scopes

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Some years ago, one USMC Sniper, who also enjoyed hunting brought his Remington 700 .308 into a weapon store to buy one high-powered scope.

The shop owner took one sight from a cardboard box and held it in front of the sniper. "This I tell you, is so good, and so perfectly synched to the R700 that you from this store can put a bullet straight through my bedroom window." and he pointed at a cabin on top of a hill, some 700 yards away.

The marine took the scope and looked up through it and started to giggle.

The shop owner the wondered what’s so funny and the marine said: "This scope was really good... I can even see a naked women and a naked man, running around up there!" the shop owner took the sight and starred through it, and he went totally mad.

He pulled open a drawer and gave the marine two rounds of ammo.

"Here, if you blow the head of my wife and newt (castrate) the man, I’ll give you the scope for free!"

The marine mounted the sight and loaded his rifle, took aim and said: "I think that I can make it with just one shoot..."

I thought that if we can include posts about Rohypnoladdicted aussies getting it of at the bar, then this story wouldn´t do so much... :devil:

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