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I seem to have it working pretty well - occasionally if I lean to far it seems to lose it and jumps back to straight up.

Is it just a matter of getting used to how far I can lean or can I get a mean lean going?

Any tips would be gr8



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It is just a matter of getting used to how far you can lean, the vanilla game would let you lean to the end of the world, but patch 1.02 or 1.03 introduced a limit for it, as i can remember now.

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bit late, but still :

I'm just using yaw and pitch ( on smooth settings 5 ).

I'm using track ir with the pro clip.

One thing you can do, if you got multiple screens, is to put up the tracking on the second screen, so that you can see whatg the trackir is seeing as well.

Have helped me a couple of times, when it has acted a bit wierd.

you can also see if you need to adjust the proclip that way.

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