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Another two man effort, past two nights:


those bagpacks (???) starting to look cool :thumbsup:

My TAD pack has some kind of weird thing going on with the points belonging to different selections, causing the warping about 1/2 way down. I've not been able to sort it but I can live with it for the most part. Also seeing some clipping on my armor that needs to be fixed. Seems like I'm never done tweaking things. :rolleyes:

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I may be drunk, but I can't seem to find the A2 screen topic, so I'm starting one of my own. Shots are on Takistan.

Some boring posed A2OA shots with some personal units:


My good friend Gordo and me in the background. Aussies and Yanks running together.





More to follow.

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I took these shots from the demo, maxed out graphics audio 128, 1920x1080, 3d res at 1920x1080 100%, if i max out the 3d resolution i get about 5 fps lol. Looks great at default anyway. Mountainous views are awesome.





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