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Screenshots Thread

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catching up on Thales :P

You know u can remove those cinema black lines, don't you?

showCinemaBorder false in the On Act line

Small tutorial:


I keep getting a message about a missing-something :wall:

what is the complete script anyways?

I had to use MSPaint to remove border <_<



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These are some balsy helo pilots. Typically, unless it's a HVI mission, and I mean HighlyVI, they don't fly during daylight hours.

:whistle: Is that why i cant see them , cuz its day light here ?

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Called Nightstalkers for a reason?

:rofl: Sorry thought you refering to some pics but had forgotten to put the links in, but re-reading now i can see you were refering to the the Little birds in Thales pics


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Cpl Ledanek, did you figure out the black border issue? I always get "missing ;" errors if I try to combine the exec, setAccTime and showCinemaBorder commands on the On Act line of a trigger.

What I do is to put the "showCinemaBorder false" command alone on the trigger. I then put:

setAccTime .5; this exec "camera.sqs";

in the Init line of the player. It's not as flexible because you are no longer starting the camera when you want with the Radio Alpha command...the camera starts immediately.

Has Gigan adapted his camera mod for Arma II (from Arma)? It's an awesome camera control mod that I use in Arma for making movies. It's vastly better than the default camera functionality. It has two different unit following modes that stay latched onto the unit until you tell it not to.

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@WP33: can I have skin too?

looks sweet :thumbsup:

PM me and let me know if you want the .paa or the .psd with layers..

@Whisper: Yeah, I'm still kickin' around. After VBS1 died its slow death, I moved onto to ArmA and then ArmA2, still modding weapons, making uniforms, etc. Haven't been in here for a while. Nice to see some of the old hands still around.

I've done multiple camo patterns for the A2 environments, some from scratch, others by taking existing real world camo and messing with them in Photoshop. Pic thread:

Crye MultiCam






"Digital woodland"







"Snowy woodland"




"Digital arctic"





(Haven't been in any MP games for a few weeks, so these cheesy 1P staged pics will have to do for now.)

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