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a- everything mission coop can gamble in single to player? For example Operation Zetas claims to be sp but he is coop?

b-To say to me where I can install these missions sp to be able to play them with my GRAW 2? Perhaps in custom_levels?


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Hello Spanish1,

Yes, place the missions in your custom_levels folder. Play as multiplayer mode and select Lan Server, you can play any coop mission as a single player (lone wolf).

Mexico Bob

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4. Launch GRAW2


6. At the top click SERVER TYPE and select LAN if you are just playing yourself offline, or select ONLINE if you want other people to join the game.


7. Select the new mission from the window on the left, and click ADD to move it to the window on the right.

8. At the bottom there are some server settings you can alter.

9. Click CREATE SERVER button to start playing

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