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Hello all :)

For my new project, I combine two different landscapes.

The record is pretty good but then there is always a problem :(

I did a test in the editor (L + F8) but when I reach a certain level of landscape number 1, it's impossible to advance further.

Yet there is no "Mover" at this location.

Then I ask myself this question:

Is it possible to combine 2 different landscapes?

Thanks for your reply ;)



EDIT: It's two clean landscapes

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Hi Gorilla,

I'm no expert on this but I don't think it's possible to combine two landscapes into a single map, I believe Bogie has tried this in the past without success so maybe he can advise you more.

I think you will find that some landscapes have an invisible barrier around the perimeter which you can't see in the editor, maybe if you had 3d max it would be possible to import the landscape and remove the barriers.

As I said Bogie is the man to answer this, I might be completely wrong here. :unsure:


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Hello John and Zero :)

Thanks for reply and I'm sorry to answer so late, but my wife wanted me to leave the pc for a moment.

So, i 'm understand your reply, i hope perhaps Bogie will be me more.

I do not know the functioning of 3Dmax .... but I should try :whistle:



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Thanks for that Zero, I have played Bogie's Levantmentio mission but didn't realize there was two landscapes, just shows how well he did it.

So it looks like Bogie manged to combine two landscapes, maybe he could post instructions here on how he did it as this would be useful to all the modders here.

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