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I would like to see the Singelplayer mods and Multiplayer mods in different Sections so it would be easier to find them by mod type.

But you could help me some here already, I wanna play good Singelplayer mods for lonewolfs.

Which mods do you recommend to download?

Wish to see more mods here for Singelplayers, have seen some progress here by the good modders..

Appreciate your efforts you are making with the game for us players, so keep it going!!

Best regards// NoFears

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Hi NoFears,

I understand your reasons for wanting the Single-player and Multi-player missions in different sections but this would be difficult to do.

When we release a new mission the lone wolf and the multi player versions are all bundled together into one mod, this makes it easier for the modder as we can have the two different versions using the same map saving on resources and file sizes.

If you are looking for some good lone wolf missions the take a look at the downloads here, most of the recent missions by Bogie and myself include a lone wolf version in the mission.

Hope this helps,


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I have downloaded many maps now for Singelplay marked for lonewolfs, gonna give them a try later and have a good time also. However, a question more.. GRIN map BEAR IT.. is it a lonewolf map also? if not then I hope some of you modders here makes a very good Singelplay map out of it to..

Thanks to all modders here.. keeping a great game alive long time!! :D

Best regards// NoFears

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