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Los Leopardos


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Los Leopardos v2 is now ready for public release.

As always I would like to thank Rahnman and the TAW clan for testing the alpha versions.

There are four missions in the bundle, day and night multiplayer missions and day and night lone wolf missions.

Download Link, Screenshot is in the zip file:


Mission Author: JohnTC02

File Size: 10.3 Mb

Version: 2


Los Leopardos

Your latest mission to stop the Mexican cartels shipping narcotics into the US has been very successful, intel suggests the amount narcotics that is crossing the border into the US has been greatly reduced.

However, there is still some work to be done, although Jimenez is unable to remain under cover he still has informants located within the cartel gangs and has informed us that Pablo Mendoza is in hiding at a town called Leopardos.

Your mission is to locate Pablo Mendoza and eliminate him, also at this location there is a large chemical refinery where he is producing narcotics and storing them ready for shipment into the US. You must dispose of these narcotics and destroy the refinery.

You will also need to disable the transmitter to stop Mendoza's rebels from calling in reinforcements, before we can arrange your extraction you will need to destroy the armored vehicles and air defences.

Your mission:

1. Secure The Chemical Refinery.

2. Eliminate Pablo Mendoza.

3. Destroy Adat A.

4. Disable The Transmitter.

5. Destroy Howitzer.

6. Destroy Adat B.

7. Takeout Their Supplies.

Map list for Dedicated Servers:





There are four missions included in the bundle, a day and night multiplayer mission and day and night lone wolf version, as usual the lone wolf version has "sp" (single player) in the name of the mission.

The lone wolf version have less vehicles, the AI count is also reduced by 35% from the multiplayer version.

Thanks goes to Rahnman and his TAW squad for testing the alpha versions.

Thanks to the Beta Testers:

|J4F|Gorilla, Bogie Viper and his team @ AGB (agbgaming.com), Rahnman Zero Goose JayBOT & the rest of the team @ TAW.net (The Art of Warfare), mexicobob and Porter & Twix from the Army of Lion Guinea Pigs.


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Hi John,

I love this mission and the map. Great job mate (as usual) :thumbsup:

But here is one annoying little error we get (I and ebk) sometimes:

Crash in application version: 30899.3048

data\lib\units\ai\vehicles\heliai.dsf(-1): Value is not of type <StatsBlock> it is of type <void>



Renderer: threaded

Physics : threaded

One guy was playing on the server, but we couldn't get in, because the game was crashing while loading the map. I guess that the helicopter was flying around and causing trouble for everyone :ph34r:


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Hi Erika&Klaus,

Thanks for the feedback.

I think this maybe a dedicated server issue, there is quite a bit of code to animate these gates from within the script and I don't think all the code is being executed at the correct time, this part of the script takes place in less that half a second so I think it sometimes misses the "UnitSequence" command which removes one set of gates leading to the problem you mention.

I have stopped using this idea in my missions due to this problem.



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or go ahead with this idea but create an alternate entry if the gate does not open.

I mean the possibility to use a scaffold? or jumping from a wall into the area behind the gate.

The objective has been initialized already (the AIs was coming and shooting) so with an emergency entry we could complete the mission.



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