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GRIN and BEAR it!


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Bundle Location -> DOWNLOAD

Mission Author: Bogie

File Size: 135.1 Mb

Version: 2.0

Description in the quotes below:

GRIN and BEAR it!

Word is out that Castor Pollux has acquired new technology that would allow nitroglycerine to be integrated into organic materials. It is the mission of the Ghosts to find out what and where this new technology resides.

Ghost Mission

1 Make your way to the Informant that will give you the location of all Castor’s assets

2 Destroy any and all military assets

3 Extract

There are 7 missions within this bundle. The below is a summary of each GRIN and BEAR it! mission which has an associated Day1, Day2, and Night missions:

- coop_Bogie_Bear_Hardcore: 569 Enemy AI

- coop_Bogie_Bear_Normal: 442 Enemy AI

- coop_LoneWolf_Bear: 339 Enemy AI (Note that there is only 1 LW Day mission)

GRIN and BEAR it! is a GRAW1 conversion based on Mission #6 “Ready for Bear” which has been tested on Dedicated LAN, Dedicated Web and shared Client Server using the included weapons set. The Hardcore versions require more resources, so if you are finding that you are lagging or crashing, please use Normal or LoneWolf versions, especially if your machine is used as both the server and a client.

The minimap for all versions will now display friendly icons, but the mission itself does not contain any blue friendly diamonds.

Special thanks to all of my brothers, sisters and your mom at “A Gaming Brotherhood” (agbgaming.com) who vigilantly tested this map and brainstorming concepts\props (VShag with his FROG models) for new missions: Viper, Nexus6, Leffson, Gn.ProtectionFault, The Wolf, -=Revenge=-, VShagios, Maverick711, Hyde, Samurai Suzy, Anthony and Ecclaseus. Thanks to all of the support and testing by the beta testers Rocky @ Ghostrecon.net, Davros @ graw2.pbworks.com, JohnTC02 (AKA Bushmaster), Ares and the rest of the OutlawZ clan, Rahnman and the TAW crew, EBK52 and the =GhostSoldiers= Elite, |J4F| Gorilla, Mexicobob, and Sightreader and his team.

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Great map, Bogie, but we've been getting crashes trying to create a server, and when we remove the Bogie_Bear level we are able to create the server properly. This didn't happen earlier when it first came out - there may be a conflict with some of the newer levels.

Has anyone else seen this?

If you want, I can enclose an image of all the files in my custom_levels directory.

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We have had similar problems in the past. Apparently, the custom_levels folder is limited in size. You can only hold so many missions. The sheer size of this file must have put you over the limit. At this point the only solution is to create another custom_levels folder to store excess or unused missions in. At this point I have three.

1) Custom_levels - This folder has only the mission files that are on our server

2) Custom_levels 1 - This folder has all my other coop missions in it

3) Custom_levels 2 - This has all my multi-player maps in it (tdm, HH, Seige etc.)

I just rename them as necessary depending on which one I need at the time.

We have discussed several different ways of handling this in another forum thread but this seems to be the best of the bad alternatives.

Hope this helps,


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I agree with Rahnman's view of your problem. The Custom_Levels folder is limited and I too have had to create 2 other folders in which to hold all of the mission types. So long as Bogie, JohnTC02 and others keep producing new missions this is always going to be a problem that will require managing. In fact I had to do some housekeeping today as I had reached the limit with Gorilla's new beta.

Good luck


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Ah, so, the perfect solution, maybe we should stop making missions. :lol:;)

As Rahn pointed out this has been discussed before, I did mention that we could reduce the amount of missions in each bundle but as we have already reached this limit it would not help the problem.

Any further discussion on this problem can be continued by following the link below.

Reaching the limit on the amount of missions.

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