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It is time.....to mod for Arma2


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We going to do something here this time? Ghosts in the Arma 2008 you posted. New idea evolves in Aug 2009, now this?

I have the upmost confidence you can produce, but you see the trail your leaving here? ;)

Past that, just re-installed myself and patched. Chucked all my old modding folders back on. If you do get your idea, and if you need any hurting bombs (missions) I would be interested in helping. I think that hatefull game of DOM killed it for me. The game plays great, is fun on small missions, with no respawns.

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Sry for going off topic Lighty, not something you would ever do. :P

@ Dai-San I`ll come along at some point for a few, no problem. Always enjoyed the Friday night teamspeak only, tactical sessions. Admit to finger pointing at casual servers. My PC whines like crazy though with this game, only problem my side, need a new system really. Hope to catch you soon/

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Good morning Ghosts.

As you may be aware there have been several terrorist attacks on European soil over the last 12 months targeting European Union officials. At last count the death toll from these attacks stood at over 1700 civilian casualties and 47 EU officials. Understandably, Europe is in a state of shock and want action now to end the bloodshed. The difficulty for Intelligence Organisations up to this point has been the fact that noone has claimed resposibility for these attacks...until now.

It appears a new terrorist cell calling itself the 'European Nationalist Alliance' (ENA) has come forward. The terrorists are calling for an end to the European Union claiming that the freedom of immigrants to settle in any EU country is destroying the fabric of national identity. They claim to have large stockpiles of bio-chemical weapons and missile capability and will use them unless the EU disbands immediately. Fortunately, through this contact with the ENA our Intel Unit has determined the whereabouts of this organisation, a small island called Namalsk, 50 miles off the North Coast of Europe, and we have put a man on the ground to conduct recon of their operations.

Under normal circumstances we would consider airstrikes to deal with these radicals, however, the risk of releasing bio-chemical toxins into the air which would be blown by Northern winds straight over Europe is too great. Instead, we will conduct a ground operation to secure the island and eliminate the threat. Your first mission will be to insert covertly by boat on the North-East of the island, destroy a Radio Tower and disable the Radar Tower in the area. This will allow us to move reinforcements in with ease should the need arise.

In addition, you will be required to infiltrate a Chemical Warehouse, eliminate all hostile forces and search for bio-chemical containers - these barrels are usually blue in color. Once you have completed these objectives we will move reinforcements in to secure the North-East perimeter of Namalsk, and you will proceed on foot to a rendez-vous point to meet with Sasha Petrikov, our contact on the ground.

Understood? Ok, grab your gear - you deploy in 2 hours.


And Tinker I would be happy for you to assist if you'd like to. As you can see I have a campaign worked out and the island of Namalsk. I don't want to use too many addons except a dynamic weather to produce snow and possibly some winter skins spec op skins although if I find some other stuff worth using I may add it.

After this I really want do mod some missions for the new African island - that is insane!!

And yes, I did talk about modding for Arma but I never palyed it bcoz of the AI seeing through all cover BS - Arma2 though is a different story. Stealth is truly possible!


I have finally figured out some of the key parts of Arma2 modding after a few days of messing about to the point that I am ready to start building missions and working on my first now. Plan to do about 5 for this island but more GR stuff less killing ppl - more locating objects, demolitions, etc

And I dont think it would be that hard to make some competition out of this either.

Ill keep you posted.

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does this require NIM Weather?

quick update om mission stuff -

i have learnt how to destroy map objects as opposed to placeable objects.

i have learnt how to create task title, description, and waypoint label and how each of them fits into my code.

i have chosen my units and the two skins opfor and two skins spec ops will be using for the campaign.

learnt how to add a new objective after a couple are completed.

how to complete the objectives so the icons are marked green, red etc for succeeded/failed.

learnt how to get these guys patrolling effectively.

to do:

will be adding in animations of characters for certain objectives and voice scripting to enhance the realism.

i do want to see snow in this - just have to work out how to do it.

medic only revive.

join in progress.

1 respawn only.

5 missions.

lots to learn but already have some good basics to produce solid missions and im loving this editor.

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latest update -

i have everything working in the first mission - which technically is the most tricky bcoz i have to work out how everything works first go and from there i can use the first as a template for the rest.

i have decided to use the 'Lightweight Revive Script" which is configured for medic revive only, 3 times per player each, no respawns. First revive only gets player back to feet but still with poor movement or unsteady ret. Second revive brings you back to full health but then of course you only have 1 revive left so get shot again and you will play gimped for the rest of the mission.

using us spec ops - up to 12 for coop.

first mission has 4 objectives - complete in any order a la GR and will follow a campaign stretching 5 or so missions - enough to take a good look at the island which deserves a good look and gr8 to explore.

snow script works well but does get the cpu working over time so will be used later on in the campaign for one or 2 missions only.

just need to add the opfor and will look at the improved ai and cqb-type scripts to improve ai performance and also place a few objects and opfor in buildings which i will try to finalise this weekend.

then testing first mission and move on to second...anyone interested in testing for me?

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