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Return of Thumper1518


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Hello GR.net! I am returning to modding - at least long enough to create an updated version of my 7.62mm Mod. There have been a lot of new 7.62mm weapons systems fielded recently that I thought deserved modelling and addition to my mod.

So far, I hve completed the SCAR-H models (Mk17 versions), including the standard, CQC, and a DMR version based on the semi-auto 20" barrel version. The standard and CQC each have versions including SD and the GL40-H. The DMR has only an SD version besides the original. There are 10 models in all.

I intend to add the M110 SASS, AR10 SSASS, LWRC REPR, HK417, DSA SA58SPR, DPMS LRT-SASS/REPR/Mk12 models, and upgrade the Troy modified M14 models, based on the USMC DMR.

I don't have a website to post pictures to, so when I figure out how to do that, I'll be adding images to this thread.

Keep checking on this thread, I'll post every few days.



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Hey hey, Welcome back

Looking good :thumbsup:

v2.0 is the highest downloaded in the "weapon mod" category here (currently at 15,257 downloads)

and is a great mod (I've still got it in my mods folder and it and standard upgrade are among the elite few mods that don't get rotated out to make way for other mods)

cant wait to see what v3 is like

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Damn mate...now that's a blast from the past! Long time no see!

Was starting to think you had dropped off the face of the earth when the SWEBAT team disintegrated, good to know you are still around bro!

Nice looking models there too mate :thumbsup: Ought to add in the Mk17 SSR aswell though to make the 7.62 list complete for the SCAR's ;)


And let me know if you need online storage for renders or beta's, I've got more space than what I can possibly use and be happy to set up an FTP for you to use. :thumbsup:


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Tell me about it mate. In the last few years I've gone from hired muscle to running the dayshift dispatch side of the warehouse I work at, so work now is more stress and headaches than strain and backache.

Plus having lately gone from renting to house owner most of my free time is taken up with getting the house set up the way I want it to be. :rolleyes:

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Been working on some more things, mostly re-sizing the scale of certain models to bring everything together. Other things were just re-done because I was not happy with the original model anymore.

Here's an updated set of DSA SA58's, including (top to bottom): SPR, carbine, 20" Bull (20rd mag), 20" Bull (30rd mag)


and a set of HK417s, including (top to bottom): 20", 12" and 16" versions


and an updated set of USMC M14 mods: M14 EMR and M14 EBR



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Just an update:

Have been re-scaling models to (what I believe to be) a more accurate measure.

Certain weapons will be dropped, others upgraded, and of course the new ones added. I don't have as much time as I thought I would, so certain new 7.62mm weps will not end up being represented, mostly because they represent only slight variations from ones already in the mod. My research into them tuned up a lot of information to that effect. It's like how many variants on the M16 there are. I want to model the more different than similar systems.

I still hope you 7.62mm Mod fans will like this upgrade, I know the game itself is dated, but I still enjoy it.

And to think, all this started because I wanted to add the FN SCAR-H.


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Things have sure changed. I remember when this string got tons of views. But for the die-hard old-schoolers like me, I give you the Rock River Arms LAR-8, in five versions:

(top to bottom) LAR8 Operator Elite, LAR8 REPR, LAR8 SMR, LAR8 Standard, LAR8 Carbine


Also, each of the top three will also have an -SD version.

Sorry the picture is so blurry, I'll try for a better one later.

Still got lots of work to do. I'm thinking of removing the handguns, but that's only my preference since I never use them. Any of you guys have any thoughts on that?

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Try again with the LAR8 series:


I have no idea why this pic is so fuzzy. I need to make some bettter pics or maybe ImageShack is doing somethin to them, I dunno.

I have been working on building kits and other behind-the-scenes stuff. I'll leave the pistols in and later post a full list of weapons you can expect to see, though some will be only in the heroes' hands (an MP of course).

Still slaving away when IRL lets me.

Edited by Thumper1518
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I've gotten most of the behind-the-scenes work finished, checked out the kits, rsb's, etc. I made a new QMK (Quick Mission File) so that each soldier class has access to all the weaps for the type if you want to try all of them out. I also made a bunch of KIL (MP Restriction) files, including No Restrictions, Primaries Only, No Sensors, No SD Weapons, Only SD Weapons, Hero Weaps Only, No Hero Weaps.

I am cleaning up the files a bit and making sure everything works, but absent beta-testers, I'm going to have to rely on GR.net community to let me know about goofs and issues.

Here's the primary weapons list:

Mk17 family - Mk17CQC, Mk17 CQC/GL40H, Mk17, Mk17/GL40H, Mk17 DMR

AR10 family - AR10T (16", 20", REPR, 24"), AR10 Super SASS, AR10 SEBR (Special Edition Black Rifle), AR10SEBR/M203, AR10a2

SR25 family - M110 SASS, Mk11 Mod0, SR25, SR25/M203

M14 family - M14 Squad Marksman Rifle (SMR), M14 Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR), M14 Enhanced Battle Rifle, M39 Enhanced Marksman Rifle, M14E w/72-round drum, M21, M25

M1a family - M1a SOCOM, M1a Scout, M1a National Match, M1a Tactical (scout w/rails)

LAR8 family - LAR8a4, LAR8 CAR, LAR8 Operator Elite, LAR8 Standard Operator (configured as REPR), LAR8 DMR

HK417 family - HK417 (14", 16", 20"), HK417/EGLM (16")

HK G3 family - G3, G3K, G3a3, HK21E, HK51, SR-9, PSG-1

DSA SA58 family - SA58 Bull barrel, SA58 OSW, SA58 SPR, SA58 Carbine




Mk48 Mod0


Pistols/Secondary (in addition to the standard ones):

1911 family - Operator, Mrarine Corps Operator

Kimber TLE


HK USP Tactical

HK MP5a5SD (10mm)

Impact Grenade

Time-delay 40mm grenade

Many, but not all, of the above will have -SD versions

I've probably forgotten one or two...

Once together, I'll contact Rocky to see how to get it out for you all.


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