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Metro 2033 - Game discussion thread

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The one thing i keep hearing or reading about Metro2033 is the problems? trouble with the gunplay, which straight away makes you think ..."WHAT!!! ..a first person shooter with gunplay troubles :D , 4A Games say there just wasn't the time right now to do a demo, i don't know if THQ was pushing them or not?, but i do like the idea of a HUD-less interface. I found some pc reviews and a pc video review, make of it what you will, it's difficult without a demo to try, but i think thales100 is going to give us an update ? :) . Anyway on with the show as they say...


Games On Net : Video Review: Metro 2033 (PC)

GameInformer.com Metro 2033 - PC -Review

arstechnica Metro 2033 review on PC: inching towards sunlight

arstechnica ..."We played the game with the voice acting in Russian, and English subtitles. This is the way to play, as it makes the world seem even more alien and harsh, at least to English-speaking ears"

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Just found this over at incgamers site, thought it might be of some use to those that have widescreen monitors.

The Metro 2033 developers have acknowledged the widescreen problem and are working on a fix.

4A has announced the widescreen fix for Metro 2033 is due later today.

A recent tweet states that the patch, which will implement full widescreen support for the post-apocalyptic shooter, will be released today over Steam.

“PC players - a fix for the 'Black Screen' and Widescreen Support issues is coming via Steam later today.”

Metro 2033 Widescreen Fix Due Today.

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i think thales100 is going to give us an update ? :)

Well steam unlocked the game yesterday, one day before the previous date. The game looks simply stunning, but ill tell you something, dont buy this game if you have a low or medium end rig, itll burn it and spill all ###### into a ball of fire - this game is pretty a destroyer, much more than Crysis i.e. .

The gameply reminds me Cryostasis, an improved version of it. Replayability should be low, its a linear game.

Graphics and all physX stuff makes it an unique experience though, think about how Doom 4 would be, considering what you experienced in Doom 3.

Cant wait for the GTX 480, this game is optimized to run with Nvidia GPUs, logo when game loads, physX etc... .

I wonder how itll look on DX11 with physX set to "extra" and very high GFX settings hehe :D .

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this game is a destroyer, much more than Crysis.

4A Engine, attention to detail, i thought crysis outside levels make your pc work hard, metro2033 is indoors, i'm only at the beginning in a small linear corridor, it's a rig crippler lol. I'm playing with russian language with english captions, crisp and clear sound, good atmosphere so far. Bought the limited edition with red faction guerilla, two games for the price of one at around £30, It's about a 7gb install, tied to steam client. I get a few more frames per second with AAA (analytical anti aliasing) but i prefer MSAA 4X it looks smoother and less jaggies..

Windows 7 x64

Phenom 2 965 X4 @3.8GHz

Radeon 5970 (CCC 10.3a)

4GB DDR2 @1066MHz

Sata 2 hd

CRT @1024x768 @85Hz :(

DirectX11-Everything as high as it would go - MSAA4X - No Advanced PhysX - no PhysX.




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they look fuzzy.

Metro2033 is optimized for nvidia hardware so it might have something negative to do with ATI graphics and metro2033's advanced depth of field and maybe other settings?, not sure?, but looks a bit different looking at it when playing the game. the game looks great in any dx mode. I took some screenshots of the same dude in dx9 and dx10 and dx11 for comparison, take note of fraps reported frame rate in the different dx render paths.

Resolution 1680x1050

Quality Very High

DirectX DX9, DX10, DX11

Antialiasing MSAA 4X, ( DX9 mode only AAA default)

Texture Filtering AF 16X

Advanced PhysX ON

Advanced DOF ON (DX11 only)

Tesselation ON (DX11 only)







advanced GFX.

Yeah some good stuff going on. Maybe it's just a coincidence?, but i noticed the character you play (artyom), if you press T and note the time, i noticed it is sychronized with windows time and the same time on my clock on my pc desk, no matter how many times i restart the game or play it the next day, the watch on artyoms wrist is the same as windows time and my home clock :D , just coincidence ??.

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