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With Ubi's new OSP and the need to be connected 24/7 raising the hackles of gamers everywhere, there needs to be a way a publisher can ensure greater sales and less piracy. We all know Stardock does not use any sort of DRM on any of the games they sell. Steam requires online activation of games that are Steampowered or sold through the Steam Store, but can be played offline. Neoqb tried the 24/7 connection route and will be patching it out of Rise of Flight for SP game modes after numerous complaints of gamers not buying it due to said requirement. We also know that Ubi has sued a disk pressing company in North Carolina after an employee leaked Assassin's Creed to be pirated.

Now Ubi knew about where the game was leaked due to an intentional bug that was included in the game prior to release and was patched out on launch day. I have been thinking about this very thing since Ubi first announced the need for a permanent connection to the internet for it's games. Take a look at Ubi's SHV forums to see how bad the outrage is. SHV is an SP game.

I don't know about anyone else, but I could live with the intentional bug better than I could with having to be connected to the internet to play an SP game. I am not sure how Stardock knows if someone is playing a pirated version, but I bet this is similar to an intentional bug. The best part is, it does not interfere with a legitimate version of the games. If Ubi could do something like this, I bet gamers would be much happier with Ubi and Ubi could slow down piracy of their games along with treating customers as they should be and not the criminals that pirates are.

What do you think? Would having Ubi place intentional bug in games so pirates can't play be more receptive to gamers than what is currently planned? Discuss.

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That`s brill. On the topic of Fade, is it fullproof, can you not dl Arma and patch it up and play on line? If not, then this would be more appropriate, no? (I realize we are not supposed to talk about piracy, but it`s fully relevant in this topic, considering we are looking for other ways to combat it.)

I would be more than happy with some form of game bug, knowing it would be immediatly removed by registering my product, or patching up.

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I'm not sure about the DRM Stardock uses in current games or if there is a difference with games that it only publishes but does not develop. However, I think they are definitely on the right track with at least talking to gamers and bringing the issue to light. They're under the assumption that their customer is honest and will buy the game. Other publishers seem to want to stop piracy more than they want to listen to the customers they actually have.


I think some people are a little too excited about digital games though (see link above). Sure it's easy now but you have significantly less control. 10 years down the road the system will change and I guarantee that people will be paying money again for games that they owned on an older system.

I just hope indie developers and publishers realize that the customer is always right and since they're the ones forking over the money they hold a lot of sway. At this point though, people just don't care or don't understand.

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Stardock does not do this. They outright do not. It's considered a bad idea in the development community, it leads to disastrous word of mouth -- people pirate the game, report it crashes a lot, people assume the game is buggy.

Stardocks games are strictly DRM free - no attempts to deter piracy. Mixed success.

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